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Judgment No. 1938



Consideration 4


"The fact that the [Organization] did not itself invoke [the] arbitration clause during the internal appeals procedure does not prejudice the fact that the two parties freely accepted recourse to arbitration to settle disputes arising out of the application of contractual service agreements, thereby perforce excluding them from the Tribunal's jurisdiction."


internal appeal; settlement out of court; competence of tribunal; arbitration

Consideration 8


The complainant worked continuously for the organization for 17 years under various short term contracts - including contractual service agreements - after his fixed-term appointment as a staff member expired. "In practice he is seeking to obtain a revision of the whole of his career from 1976 to 1996. But he himself accepted the contractual conditions offered to him. He did not challenge the decision taken in 1979 not to renew his fixed-term appointment and not to convert it into a permanent appointment. Moreover, he offers no legally valid argument to challenge the way he has been treated since 1979. His claims must therefore be dismissed [...]."


locus standi; complainant; external collaborator; project personnel; contract; duration of appointment; fixed-term

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