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Judgment No. 1532


1. The FAO shall pay the complainant the expenses incurred on account of his wife's stay in Paris while he was in hospital and the costs of her journey from Rome to Paris and back.
2. All his other claims are dismissed.

Consideration 2


The Tribunal holds that "the [complainant's] 'claims' consist of mere pleas or applications for rulings on matters of procedure. In any event the complainant has failed to draft them plainly or coherently enough for the Tribunal to determine what it is he wants. So it will deliver no formal ruling on them."


complaint; vague claim

Consideration 13


"Claim 8 is to costs. Again the Tribunal reminds [the complainant], in view of the intemperate language of his submissions, that he owes a duty of respect to the Organization and to its staff. Because he has failed in that duty the Tribunal disallows his claim to costs, even though one of his claims succeeds."


complaint; claim; costs; no award of costs; staff member's duties; conduct; freedom of speech; organisation's reputation; limits

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