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Judgment No. 1139



Considerations 6-7


The complainant was to undergo a course of sea-water therapy following an accident recognised as attributable to the performance of official duties. Although she had been told of the amount she was to get in compensation for her expenses, she spent considerably more. "It was not reasonable of her to assume that the expenses of a stay in a luxury hotel would be repaid when all indications [...] were to the contrary." There being other hotels to choose from, "it was not essential to the success of the treatment that the complainant should stay at the most luxurious".


cure; refund; medical expenses; health insurance

Consideration 9


"The complainant seeks an order from the Tribunal determining the method of granting sums to her each year to cover the cost of future sea-water therapy. That goes beyond the Tribunal's competence: what the Tribunal is competent to do is to review each decision that is impugned and determine whether it should or should not be upheld."


decision; competence of tribunal

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