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Judgment No. 1103



Consideration 4


The complainant was appointed to a post of reviser. For several years she served, in keeping with her job description, as de facto Head of the German Section. Later, her head-of- section duties were given to another reviser. "It is clear from [the complainant's job description] that the incumbent does not have the right to perform all of the linguistic and management duties stated therein, though he must be capable of performing them if his immediate supervisor so requires in the Office's interests."


organisation's duties; post description; title of post; elements; right

Consideration 5


The complainant objects to her duties as de facto Head of the German Section being given to another reviser. There was no breach of her right to a hearing. "She had ample opportunity to put her case before the decision was confirmed and in the internal appeal proceedings. And considering the circumstances in which the decision was taken and its limited effect, the EPO was not bound to consult her beforehand anyway."


right to reply; organisation's duties; assignment

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