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Zimbabwe - Working time - 2012


July 2012



An employee is entitled to one twelfth of the employee’s qualifying service in each year of employment, subject to a maximum accrual of ninety days’ paid vacation leave.
Labour Act 1985 (as amended) §14A(2)
Historical data (year indicates year of data collection)
  • 2009: 1/12 of any period of employment
  • 1995: No generally applicable provisions. 15 to 18 working days for a 5-day week, and 18 to 21 for a 6-day week, depending on industry.


No relevant provisions identified.



Vacation leave is to be paid. No further specification of the pay level has been identified.
Labour Act 1985 (as amended) §14A(2)

Date of payment

No relevant provisions identified.

Number and dates

There are 11 public holidays in Zimbabwe:
1) 1 January - New Year’s Day
2) April - Good Friday
3) April - Easter Saturday
4) April - Easter Monday
5) 18 April - Independence Day
6) 1 May - Workers’ Day
7) 25 May - Africa Day
8) 2nd week of August - Heroes & Defence Forces Days
9) 22 December - Unity Day
10) 25 December - Christmas Day
11) 26 December - Boxing Day


An employee shall be granted leave of absence during every public holiday, and shall be paid his current remuneration for that day if it occurs on a day on which he would otherwise have been required to work.
Labour Act 1985 (as amended) s14C(2)

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