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LOTS OF FUN! The ILO TENNIS CIRCLE is open to all officials, retired officials and family members. Our aim is to enjoy ourselves by playing tennis together and to encourage interaction amongst players of all levels. Whilst we do not have our own courts, we certainly organize friendly tournaments several times a year. We hold an annual tournament against the Japan Club of Geneva in spring and participate in the Inter-Agency Games. The ILO Tennis Challenge, championship tournament will be during winter months. During the winter season from October to March, we open our Circle's Winter Club with several clay courts reserved at the International Tennis Club.

Currently, we are approximately 30 members; our annual membership fee is Sfr. 30.00.

The Winter Club 2013/14 started on Oct. 7. and will terminate on Apr. 8.  The Winter Club membership is Sfr. 150.00.

The ILO Tennis Challenge 2013/14 is in process (Singles: Sfr. 45; Doubles: Sfr. 30) and can see the status by clicking the file link below.

The 1st Gender-blind Tournament 2014 will be on Mar. 22 (registration open now: 25 CHF for tennis)!

If you would like to have more information about us, please send e-mail to, the committee members will be happy to answer your questions.

Calender of activities
      Apr. 23 - 27, 2014 41st United Nations Inter-Agency Games - (New York, USA)
      Apr. 6, 2014 13th ILO-JCG (Japan Club of Geneva) Tournament
      Mar. 22, 2014 1st Gender Blind Tournament 2014
      Oct. 2013 - Mar. 2014 ILO Challenge 2013/14 - Time Table & Rules, Round-Robin Tournament, Finals, Participants
      Oct. 7, 2013 - Mar. 30, 2014 Winter Club 2013/14 - Rules, Courts, Members
      Apr. 14, 2013 12th ILO-JCG (Japan Club of Geneva) Tournament
      Sep. 21, 2013 1st. GIOG Tennis (City Green, France)
      Jun. 21, 2013 General Assembly 2012
      Apr. 24-28, 2013 40th United Nations Inter-Agency Games - (Marina d'Or, Spain)
      Oct. 2012. - September, 2013

      ILO Challenge 2012/13- Time Table & Rules , Round-Robin Tournament, Finals, Participants

      Oct. 6, 2012 - Mar. 27, 2010 Winter Club 2012/13 rules , courts, members
      to be organized

      Gender-blind Tournament

      to be organized

      General Assembly 2013