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List : Affiliations and contributions



  • My contract is ending. Can I remain insured with the SHIF?
  • What are the conditions for voluntary coverage?
  • I have just gotten married. How can my spouse be insured?
  • My spouse has been recognized as my dependent and needs an attestation to cancel his/her private insurance. How can I obtain this?
  • My spouse has become non-dependant retroactively. What is the consequence for the SHIF?
  • I have a new-born child. What do I need to do so that he/she is insured?
  • My child is between 18 - 21 years old and no longer goes to school. How can I insure him/her?
  • My child is 18 years old. Is s/he still covered by the SHIF
  • Do I need to inform the SHIF of a change in bank account?
  • I have a short term or daily contract. Are my family members eligible for SHIF coverage?
  • I have just been hired by the ILO. Before my appointment I was insured with another organization in the United Nations system. What shall I do?
  • I have recently divorced. Can my ex-spouse, who has been insured by the SHIF as my automatic or voluntary dependent, remain insured?
  • I received the new SHIF cards for my family and noticed that the validity date for my children is different from mine. Is this correct?


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