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Abandonment ID: 00657
Ship name:Onda
7-digit IMO no.:8912467
Port of abandonment:Dakar, Senegal
Abandonment date:1 December 2021
Notification date:8 June 2022
Reporting Member Govt. or Org.:ITF
No. of Seafarers:4
Nationalities:Cameroon(1); Lebanon(1); Nigeria(1); Syrian Arab Republic(1)
Circumstances:P&I : Unknown

Crew are unpaid for between 3 and 7 months. Inconsistent provisioning and no drinking water. Vessel is reported to have been arrested by Senegal authorities.
This is the second occasion that this vessel has been reported.
Actions taken:30 May 2022: Flag State informed
Contacted the owners and flag state. Local ITF contact is liaising with Senegal authorities.
Repatriation status:Repatriation pending
Crew are awaiting repatriation.
Payment status:Payment Pending
The total wages outstanding is $US49,082.
Comments and Observations:ITF (8 June 2022)
This vessel was reported as an abandonment case in 2020 and the same owner has now abandoned another crew.

ITF (20 June 2022)
This vessel has no flag registry at the moment. According to the provisional certificate of registration from Guyana, its period of validation ended on 16th January 2022.

ITF (30 June 2022)
The vessel remains at anchorage outside Dakar, Senegal awaiting repairs before it can get underway into the port. The vessel no longer has any fuel to run its generator and therefore they vessel is in complete blackout.

The Master informed the ITF today that last night a marine accident was averted by the quick thinking of a crew member as another vessel narrowly missed the ONDA.

Govt. of Togo (19 July 2022)
The vessel "ONDA" had been registered under the Togolese international flag on 1st February 2017.
However, the said vessel, since the 17th July 2021, has been moved under the Guyanese flag, well before the date of its abandonment. The certificate under the Togolese flag having expired on 23rd July 2021 and the vessel having changed its flag, the immediate consequence is the expiry of all documents under the Togolese flag. It should also be noted that the owner has not yet obtained the deregistration certificate from Togo due to the lack of payment of taxes and fees.
In addition, the register of Togolese ship abroad, the International Register of Bureau(IRB), informed the Togolese maritime authorities that the owner was in financial difficulties due to the blocking of his accounts in Lebanon within the framework of the capital controls established by the Lebanese authorities following the economic crisis that the country is going through. Therefore, in order to honour his commitments towards the crew members and other creditors, he decided to sell the vessel to pay his debts. Discussion in that regard with the new buyer are well advanced.

Other (21 July 2022)
S&P Global sent a message below.

Have no info regarding new ‘Guyana’ flag other than info we picked up via AIS broadcasting Guyana call sign & MMSI on 29th April 2022. We were not aware of info contained in Togo message that states under Guyana flag since 17th July 2021.
I can confidently say that vessel would not have been registered legally under Guyana flag.
Guyana Authorities have advised that vessels are being illegally registered under their flag by their previous representative. Other then 5 locally registered vessels every request we have forwarded to Guyana for confirmation of registration has resulted in Guyana advising / confirming that vessels are not registered legally.

ITF (22 July 2022)
The vessel remains at anchorage outside Dakar, Senegal. As the vessel has no fuel on board the ship is in complete blackout. The ITF has appealed to the Senegalese authorities to bring the vessel into port to avoid a potential marine accident and a humanitarian disaster, but has received no response.
The owners are providing only small amounts of food and so the ITF has stepped in to provide the crew with the necessary requirements.
No response from the owner on the payment of the owed wages.

ITF (30 November 2022)
The Senegalese government and maritime authorities has systematically ignored all requests to assist the seafarers on board the vessel. The ITF continues to provision the vessel. On board repairs to the engine are now complete, which means that the vessel is no longer on blackout. Owed wages now between 7 and 11 months

Entered: Thursday - 17 November 2022 at 09:59:55
Last updated: Thursday - 1 December 2022 at 10:04:33
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