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MV Ahoora[Inactive]


Abandonment ID: 00455
Ship name:MV Ahoora[Inactive]
7-digit IMO no.:8325133
Port of abandonment:Bandar Abbas, Iran
Abandonment date:May 2018
Notification date:12 October 2020
Reporting Member Govt. or Org.:International Chamber of Shipping (ISWAN (NGO))
No. of Seafarers:4
Nationalities:India(3); Pakistan(1)
Circumstances:Unpaid wages (14,600 USD)
Actions taken:May 2018: Flag State informed

Contacted DG Shipping and ISWAN
Repatriation status:Repatriated
All seafarers have reached home.
Payment status:Payment Pending
14,600 USD
Comments and Observations:Govt. of India (29 October 2020)
I am directed to refer to your e-mail dated 14.10.2020 informing this Directorate about
the abandonment of three vessels viz. MV Transnav Hazel (lMO No. 9646962), MV Omidan 3
(lMO No. 9646962) and MV Ahoora (lMO No. 8325133).
In this connection it is stated that as per the E-Governance system maintained in this
office none of the seafarers have been engaged on board above vessels through the Recruitment
and Placement Service Licensed agents. Hence the details of the seafarers and the agents who
have employed the seafarers in question are not available in the e-govemance system.
ln view of the above and in the absence of details of the RPS agents and seafarers, this
office is unable to take further action regarding non payment of wages due to them, through
registered RPS agents regulated by this office.
The issue therefore may need be taken up with the local authorities where the said ships are
located presently for obtaining details of the seafarers, agents and shipowners. IMO is requested
for obtaining required details from the source of the complaints received by it and same may be
communicated to this office.

Non-governmental Organization (1 December 2020)
Seafarersí issues on pending wages still remains.

Non-governmental Organization (15 January 2021)
Seafarer's issue still remains same. Wages have not been settled yet.

Non-governmental Organization (5 March 2021)
Seafarer's wages issue still remains same.

Non-governmental Organization (21 December 2021)
No development regarding payment of pending wages based on last communication with seafarer on 5th October 2021. Didn't hear back from seafarer since then.

Non-governmental Organization (20 April 2022)
Based on communication with seafarer on 1st Feb 2022, no development regarding payment of pending wages.

Non-governmental Organization (4 August 2022)
Based on communication with seafarer on 27th July 2022, there has been no development regarding payment of pending wages.

Non-governmental Organization (18 October 2022)
No update on the case

Entered: Thursday - 4 August 2022 at 11:51:30
Last updated: Thursday - 20 October 2022 at 11:06:10
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