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M.T. Kutch Bay


Abandonment ID: 00514
Nombre del buque:M.T. Kutch Bay
No. OMI:9169536
Puerto de abandono:Colombo, Sri Lanka
Fecha de abandono:12 Enero 2021
Fecha de notificación:20 Enero 2021
Reporting Member Govt. or Org.:Organisación Marítima Internacional
No. de marinos:9
Nacionalidades:India(6); Pakistán(3)
Circunstancias:insurance (P&I) & vessel’s relevant certificates have been expired since October.


The vessel has been in lay-up anchorage of Colombo, Sri Lanka since 7 September 2020. Ship is under arrest by High Court of Colombo due to case against the Ship's owner (Alphabet Maritime PVT LTD, UAE).
The service period onboard of every crew member has been exceeded without consent.
The crew are under distress and are mentally and phisically tired. There had been no supply of food, water, fuel, spares & stores and salary for more than 2 months.
Acciones tomadas:12 Enero 2021: Flag State informed
Estado de la repatriación:Repatriation pending
They need to disembark from this ship and go home.

Estado del pago:Payment Pending
They haven’t been paid for our wages since after October.
Comentarios y observaciones:Panamá (14 Mayo 2021)
From Maritime Labour Affairs Department
On May 4th, 2021 please note that on board all 09 crew members (03 Pakistani & 06 Indians) disembarked on 21/04/2021, repatriated and wages have been paid till 31st March 2021. Balance wages of 21 days in April 2021, has informed the crew that once the Vessel is auctioned then same shall be settled.

Entered: Viernes - 12 Febrero 2021 12:14:36
Última actualización: Viernes - 14 Mayo 2021 18:35:12
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