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Abandonment ID: 00415
Nombre del buque:MV DARSHANI PREM[disputed]
No. OMI:9471824
Puerto de abandono:Kakinada, India
Fecha de abandono:Agosto 2019
Fecha de notificación:3 Diciembre 2019
Reporting Member Govt. or Org.:Non-governmental Organization (ISWAN)
No. de marinos:15
Circunstancias:Unpaid wages and poor condition.
Unseaworthy vessel
Acciones tomadas:1 Febrero 2022: Other
The Company "Ind-Aust Maritime Pvt. Ltd" was "Technical Manager" of the vessel from 01st April 2009 to 6th May 2014.

Thereafter, on 6th April 2014, the vessel was handed over to the Owners "Mercator Limited". Also, for the entire period when "Ind-Aust Maritime Pvt. Ltd" was "Technical Manager" of the vessel, the Crew Mangers were the owners "Mercator Limited".

Estado de la repatriación:Repatriated
Crew have been repatriated.
Comentarios y observaciones:Non-governmental Organization (9 Marzo 2021)
Crew have been repatriated but they have still not received their wages. Matter is still in court in India.

Non-governmental Organization (10 Junio 2021)
No development regarding payment of pending wages. Case is pending with High Court in Andhra Pradesh.

Non-governmental Organization (21 Diciembre 2021)
No development regarding payment of pending wages. Based on communicaiton with seafarer on 9th December, vessel was sold during auction by court order last month.

Non-governmental Organization (10 Marzo 2022)
ISWAN stated that:
We are hearing the name of the company Ind- Aus Maritime Pvt Ltd through below mail and had no clue that they were managers before. We had only reported the attached abandonment form which do not have any details of owners mentioned in it and only collects and share information shared by the crew with us. We were informed by the crew that Mercator lines were the manager at time of abandonment and Indian maritime unions were also involved in follow up with the company-Mercator Lines.

Therefore, am afraid, I do not have any information regarding Ind-Aus Maritime Pvt Ltd.

Non-governmental Organization (20 Abril 2022)
Matter is in court. Based on communicaiton with seafarer on 23rd March 2022, no development regarding payment of pending wages.

Entered: Martes - 9 Marzo 2021 18:30:56
Última actualización: Jueves - 21 Abril 2022 09:11:09
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