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Abandonment ID: 00320
Ship name:Windsor[disputed]
7-digit IMO no.:9128879
Port of abandonment:Djibouti
Abandonment date:17 November 2017
Notification date:9 November 2017
Reporting Member Govt. or Org.:ITF
No. of Seafarers:19
Nationalities:Bangladesh(6); Bulgaria(1); India(9); Pakistan(3)
Circumstances:The vessel has been stranded in Djibouti since April 2017 due to a legal dispute between the ship and cargo owners. The crew has not received accrued contractual wages since June 2017. A number of crew members require urgent medical attention, and there is now an emergency situation onboard due to lack of food, water, personal hygiene items, and medicine.
Actions taken:9 November 2017: Flag State informed
Flag State received email complaint directly from the crew early in November 2017. Flag State contacted the owners on 9 and 21 November to resolve the crew related issues.

21 November 2017: Other
Contacted owners, owners’ agents / advisors, technical and crewing managers of the ship to arrange essential maintenance of the crew as well as to find a solution to the crew’s unpaid wages and repatriation. Consulates / local agent / and Flag State all copied in.
Repatriation status:22 December 2017: Repatriation pending
All crew is still onboard
Payment status:22 December 2017: Payment Pending
Comments and Observations:ITF (22 December 2017)
On 20 December 2017 the owners, through their agent Eurotank Maritime Management SA, offered to repatriate crew members willing to disembark and “to maintain only skeleton crew onboard for security purposes”. The offer does not include payment of the crew’s outstanding wages.

Govt. of Panama (25 January 2018)
From: []
Sent: 24 January 2018 18:52
To: Labormar
Subject: Re: Wages &on board situation.

To: Malvina Madrid,

Cc: Jan de Boer,

Dear Ms Madrid,
As mentioned in my previous email, we have already made the necessary arrangements to settle the crew wages to the manning agent, Antares Marine (Ric), before the 28th of January.
We are attaching copies, of the signed by the crew members Schedule 1 and 2 letters.
Kind regards,
A. Postantzis
As agent of owners.

ITF (30 January 2018)
From: Fusao Ohori []
Sent: mardi 30 janvier 2018 02:03
To: Jan de Boer ;Katie Higginbottom

TO: Katie Higginbottom ITF London
FM: Fusao Ohori ITF Coordinator Japan

Dear Katie,

According to crew in Windsor and the manning agent in Singapore, the owner transferred crew's salaries to the manning agent and it has been already distributed to crews' bank accounts except Bulgarian master.
As the manning agent for him is different from other crews it needs to confirm the payment from the owner.
Regarding repatriation, the owner has yet to arrange flights for all crews and I will request it to the owner.

Fusao Ohori

ITF (1 February 2018)
From: Katie Higginbottom
Sent: jeudi 1 février 2018 14:43
To: Fusao Ohori ; Jan de Boer Subject: RE: Abandoned crews in Panama flag WINDSOR-9128879

Dear Fusao
Many thanks for the update. Congratulations on reaching a solution. In terms of status for the database I think we will have to call it disputed until such time as the Masters full wages have been recovered.
Best, Katie

Govt. of Panama (31 December 2020)
The vessel was sanctioned through the Resolution No. 106-S-21-DGMM of February 01, 2018.
According to the Databse, on February 01, 2018, ITF indicated that "we will have to call it disputed until such time as the Master full wages have been recovered."
COMPLAINT CLOSED on March 7, 2018, because the shipowner arranged for the repatriation of the crewmembers and the wages owed were paid.

Entered: Thursday - 1 February 2018 at 14:54:12
Last updated: Wednesday - 3 February 2021 at 17:22:31
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