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Labour codes, general labour and employment acts
Labour (Amendment) Proclamation No. 494/2006
Federal negarit Gazeta, 2006-06-29, No. 30, pp. 3422-3424 (PDF of Proclamation in English and Amharic)

Amends Article 3 (scope of application), Article 39 (severance pay and compensation), Article 130 (procedure for collective bargaining). Replaces Article 185 on common offences.
Date of entry into force: 2006-06-29

Amended text(s):
2004-02-26 (ETH-2003-L-67274)
Labour Proclamation No. 377/2003.

Labour codes, general labour and employment acts
Labour Proclamation No. 377/2003.
Federal Negarit Gazeta, 2004-02-26, No. 12, pp. 2453- 2504
Proclamation on-line, Doing Business, World Bank (consulted on 2009-12-10)
Proclamation on-line in English, Ministry of Labour and Social Affairs, Ethiopia (PDF) (consulted on 2010-10-25)
Ethiopian Parliament, Ethiopia (PDF) (consulted on 2010-11-05)

Part 1: General (short title, definitions and scope)
Part 2: Employment relations (contract of employment, termination of employment, home work contract, contract of apprenticeship)
Part 3: Wages (determination and payment)
Part 4: Hours of work, weekly rest and pubic holidays
Part 5: Leave (annual leave, leave for family events, union leave, leave for special puposes, sick leave)
Part 6: Working conditions of women and young workers (general provisions, minimum age -14 years -, maternity leave, limits of hours of work and night and overtime for young workers)
Part 7: Occupational safety, health and working environment (preventive measures, occupational injuries, degree of disablement, employment accident benefits)
Part 8: Collective relations (trade unions and employers associations and collective agreements)
Part 9: Labour dispute (definitions, labour courts, conciliation, the Labour Relations Board, strike and lock-out)
Part 10: Period of limitation and priority of claims
Part 11: Enforcement of labour law (labour administration, employment service, labour inspection)
Part 12: Penalty and transitory provisions

Repeals the Labour proclamation No. 42/1993 (as amended).
Date of entry into force: 2004-02-26

Repealed text(s):
1993-01-20 (ETH-1993-L-31977)
Labour Proclamation (No. 42 of 1993).
Amending text(s):
2009-08-06 (ETH-2009-L-85145)
Employment Exchange Services Proclamation No. 632/2009.

2006-06-29 (ETH-2006-L-74476)
Labour (Amendment) Proclamation No. 494/2006
Related text(s):
2011-06-24 (ETH-2011-L-89585)
Private Organization Employees Pension Proclamation No. 715/2011.

2010-08-19 (ETH-2010-L-89591)
Social Health Insurance Proclamation No.690/2010.


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