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Pays: Slovénie - Sujet: Droits de l'homme

  1. Slovénie - Droits de l'homme - Loi

    Act of 15 July 2011 on integrity and prevention of corruption (Text No. 3056). (Zakon o integriteti in preprečevanju korupcije) - Uradni List

    Adoption: 2011-07-15 | Date d'entrée en vigueur: 2011-09-02 | SVN-2011-L-89365

    Contains provisions on measures and methods for enhancing integrity and transparency and for preventing corruption and conflicts of interest, and defines mandate and workings of the Commission for the Prevention of Corruption.

  2. Slovénie - Droits de l'homme - Loi

    Act of 6 February 2006 to amend and supplement the Asylum Act (Text No. 626).

    Adoption: 2006-02-06 | Date d'entrée en vigueur: 2006-03-04 | SVN-2006-L-73143

    Contains, inter alia, provisions on the right to international protection, asylum institutions, health insurance, labour rights and other refugees' rights.

  3. Slovénie - Droits de l'homme - Loi

    Act of 12 July 2005 to amend and supplement the Act on political parties (Text No. 3066).

    Adoption: 2005-07-12 | Date d'entrée en vigueur: 2005-08-06 | SVN-2005-L-71393

    Amends provisions relating, inter alia, to party registration, control of the application of the law and financial sanctions.

  4. Slovénie - Droits de l'homme - Loi

    Act of 22 June 2005 on temporary protection for displaced persons (Text No. 2839).

    Adoption: 2005-06-22 | Date d'entrée en vigueur: 2005-07-23 | SVN-2005-L-71403

    In accordance with Directive of the Council of Europe 2001/55/ES of 20 July 2001, regulates conditions and duration of protection for displaced persons, and rights and obligations of such persons.

  5. Slovénie - Droits de l'homme - Loi

    Act of 30 September 2003 on humanitarian organisations (Text No. 4367).

    Adoption: 2003-09-30 | Date d'entrée en vigueur: 2003-10-28 | SVN-2003-L-65239

    Regulates humanitarian activity, inter alia, in the field of social and medical protection.

  6. Slovénie - Droits de l'homme - Loi

    Act of 20 June 2002 on public gatherings (consolidation)(Text No. 2834).

    Adoption: 2002-06-20 | Date d'entrée en vigueur: 2003-01-05 | SVN-2002-L-71389

    Provides for citizens' rights concerning public meetings and gatherings, aliens' rights, meetings organization, and competency of the police.

  7. Slovénie - Droits de l'homme - Loi

    Act of 19 July 2000 to amend and supplement the Act on political parties (Text No. 3303).

    Adoption: 2000-07-19 | Date d'entrée en vigueur: 2000-08-22 | SVN-2000-L-57479

    Contains numerous amendments.

  8. Slovénie - Droits de l'homme - Loi

    Act of 28 September 1994 on political parties.

    Adoption: 1994-09-28 | Date d'entrée en vigueur: 1994-10-08 | SVN-1994-L-41841

    Provides, inter alia, for establishment and registration of political parties, their acts and internal organization, financing and control.

  9. Slovénie - Droits de l'homme - Loi

    Act of 1994 on Radio and Television Service of Slovenia.

    Adoption: 1994-03-29 | SVN-1994-L-62106

    Comprehensive legislation of radio and television service. Part I regulates status of radio and television corporation of Slovenia. Part II deals with its activities. Part III provides for financing; Part IV for administration, mangagement and supervision. Part V contains penal provisions, and Part VI transitory and final provisions.

  10. Slovénie - Droits de l'homme - Loi

    Act to amend the Human Rights Ombudsman Act.

    Adoption: 1994-03-08 | SVN-1994-L-59885

    Amends law concerning the custodian of human rights (ombudsman) to revoke second paragraph of Article 15.

  11. Slovénie - Droits de l'homme - Loi

    Human Rights Ombudsman Act. - English translation

    Adoption: 1993-12-20 | SVN-1993-L-59886

    Establishes office of ombudsman with the task of protecting human rights and basic freedoms in relation to organs of the state. Regulates rights and duties of ombudsman, election of ombudsman, deputies of ombudsman, immunity of ombudsman, and procedures of ombudsman.

  12. Slovénie - Droits de l'homme - Loi

    Law on Public Media (No. 010-01/89-1/22 of 1993).

    Adoption: 1993-03-25 | SVN-1993-L-62107

    Governs exercising freedom of public information as well as rights and responsibilities of public media and journalists. Part I contains basic provisions. Part III provides for rights and responsibilities of public media, chief editors, editorial offices and journalists. Part III makes provision for protection of pluralism and plurality of public media. Part IV sets forth special provisions on radio and television programmes. Part V deals with foreign press and other foreign public media and their representatives. Part VI contains penal provisions; Part VII interim and final provisions.

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