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Gambie > Égalité de chances et de traitement

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Pays: Gambie - Sujet: Égalité de chances et de traitement

  1. Gambie - Égalité de chances et de traitement - Loi

    Women's Act, 2010 (Act No. 12/2010).

    Adoption: 2010-12 | GMB-2010-L-90619

    "The act, among other things is meant to implement the legal provision of the National Policy for the Advancement of Gambian Women and Girls and to also incorporate and enforce the internationally agreed instruments and protocols of both the UN and AU to which The Gambia is a member with a view to eliminating all forms of discrimination against women." (SOURCE: The Daily Observer (Banjul), Gambia: Women's Act 2010 Launched, 1 December 2010).

    The ILO supervisory bodies request a copy of the Act in 2011 (Direct Request (CEACR) - adopted 2011, published 101st ILC session (2012))

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