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  1. Serbia - - Miscellaneous (circular, directive, legal notice, instruction, etc.)

    Rulebook of 30 March 2005 on the registration of the employers' association.

    Adoption: 2005-03-30 | Date of entry into force: 2005-04-05 | SRB-2005-M-74538

    Regulates the method of registration of employer's associations and data to be noted into the Register.

  2. Serbia - - Law, Act

    Labour Code of the Republic of Serbia of 15 March 2005. (Zakona o Radu) - English translation Law in Serb Legislation on-line

    Adoption: 2005-03-15 | YUG-2005-L-71206

    Chapter I: Fundamental provisions
    Chapter II: Establishment of labour relation
    Chapter III: Agreement on rights and obligations of the director
    Chapter IV: Education, specialized training and qualification
    Chapter V: Hours of work
    Chapter VI: Rest and leave
    Chapter VII: Protection of employees
    Chapter VIII: Salary, salary compensation and other entitlements
    Chapter IX: Employees' rights in the event of bankruptcy
    Chapter X: Employees' rights in the event of change of employer
    Chapter XI: Redundancy
    Chapter XII: Clause for competition prohibition
    Chapter XIII: Damage compensation
    Chapter XIV: Suspension of an employee
    Chapter XV: Modification of labour contract
    Chapter XVI: Termination of labour relation
    Chapter XVII: Exercise and protection of employees' rights
    Chapter XVIII: Special provisions
    Chapter XIX: Employees' and Employers' Organizations
    Chapter XX: Collective agreements
    Chapter XXI: Supervision
    Chapter XXII: Penal provisions
    Chapter XXIII: Transitional and final provisions

  3. Serbia - - Law, Act

    Family Act of 2005.

    Adoption: 2005 | Date of entry into force: 2005-07-01 | Date of partial entry into force: 2006-07-01 | SRB-2005-L-74539

    Part One: Basic provisions
    Part Two: Marriage
    Part Three: Parent-child relations
    Part Four: Adoption
    Part Five: Foster care
    Part Six: Guardianship
    Part Seven: Support
    Part Eight: Property relations
    Part Nine: Protection from domestic violence
    Part Ten: Family relations proceedings
    Part Eleven: Personal name
    Part Twelve: Transitional and final provisions

  4. Serbia - - Miscellaneous (circular, directive, legal notice, instruction, etc.)

    Pro-natalist strategy. - Official English translation

    Adoption: 2005 | SRB-2005-M-89462

    Notes the phenomenon of low birth rates, establishes objectives and goals of strategic actions, measures, activities and mechanisms to improve this including reconciliation of working life and parenting, education, implementation and periodical review of the strategy.

  5. Serbia - - Law, Act

    Act of 21 December 2004 on citizenship of the Republic of Serbia.

    Adoption: 2004-12-21 | YUG-2004-L-71480

    Provides for conditions to acquire Serbian citizenship, and termination of citizenship. Also deals with procedure and registration.

  6. Serbia - - Law, Act

    Act of 15 November 2004 on peaceful settlement of labour disputes (Official Gazette of the RS No. 125/2004). (Zakon o mirnom resavanju radnih sporova) - Legislation on-line Legislation on-line

    Adoption: 2004-11-15 | YUG-2004-L-71205

    Provides for conditions of settlement of collective and individual labour disputes, rights and obligations of mediators. Provides for the creation of the Republic's Agency for peaceful settlement of labour disputes.

  7. Serbia - - Law, Act

    Act of 23 July 2004 on contributions for compulsory social insurance. - Zakon o doprinosima za obavezno socijalno osiguranje

    Adoption: 2004-07-23 | Date of entry into force: 2004-09-01 | YUG-2004-L-71204

    Determines contributions relating to pension and disability insurance, health insurance and unemployment insurance. Contains provisions on contributions level and payment.

  8. Serbia - - Law, Act

    Act of 23 July 2004 on bankruptcy procedure.

    Adoption: 2004-07-23 | YUG-2004-L-71478

    Section 63 concerns termination of labour relations in the event of bankruptcy.

  9. Serbia - - Law, Act

    Act of 5 May 2004 on prevention of conflict of interest in discharge of public office. - English translation

    Adoption: 2004-05-05 | YUG-2004-L-68329

  10. Serbia - - Law, Act

    Act on the Social and Economic Council (Official Gazette of the RS No. 125/2004). (Zakon o Socijalno-ekonomskom savetu) - Legislation on-line

    Adoption: 2004 | SRB-2004-L-83223

    This law regulates the establishment, registration, scope and manner of operation, funding and other issues of importance for the operation of a Social and Economic Council.

  11. Serbia - - Law, Act

    Act of 18 July 2003 on financing of political parties. - English translation

    Adoption: 2003-07-18 | Date of entry into force: 2004-01-01 | YUG-2003-L-71474

    Provides for means of control of financing of registered political parties, types of funds, financing of regular activities, and financing of expenses for electoral campaigns.

  12. Serbia - - Law, Act

    Act of 10 July 2003 on Employment and Unemployment Insurance. - English translation

    Adoption: 2003-07-10 | Date of entry into force: 2003-07-23 | YUG-2003-L-66337

    Regulates employment activities, measures of active employment policy, rights and obligations of persons seeking employment. Establishes the National Employment Service, unemployment insurance and contributions, and procedure for realizing the rights derived from insurance.

  13. Serbia - - Law, Act

    Act of 2 July 2003 on organisation and jurisdiction of government authorities in prosecuting perpetrators of war crimes. - English translation

    Adoption: 2003-07-02 | YUG-2003-L-68328

    Governs the establishment, organisation, jurisdiction and powers of government bodies and their organisational units for arrest and prosecution of perpetrators of criminal offenses.

  14. Serbia - - Law, Act

    Accountability for Human Rights Violations Act of 26 June 2003. - English translation

    Adoption: 2003-06-26 | YUG-2003-L-68330

    Determines types of human rights violations, persons against whom proceedings are instituted, rules of procedure, competent bodies and measures pronounced.

  15. Serbia - - Law, Act

    Act on Public Information, 2003 (Official Gazette RS No. 43/03). (Zakon o Javnom Informisanju) - Parliament's website

    Adoption: 2003-04-22 | SRB-2003-L-85338

    Regulates the right to public information as a right to the freedom of expression of thought and the rights and obligations of the person involved in the public information process.

  16. Serbia - - Law, Act

    Act of 17 April 2003 to amend the Penal Code of the Republic of Serbia. - English translation

    Adoption: 2003-04-17 | YUG-2003-L-68337

    Amends, inter alia, sections relating to forcible removal of organs or parts of body, sexual harassment, child pornography and human trafficking.

  17. Serbia - - Law, Act

    Act of 1 April 2003 on pension and disability insurance. (Zakonu o penzijskom i invalidskom osiguranju) - Act on-line

    Adoption: 2003-04-01 | SRB-2003-L-71464

    I: Introductory provisions
    II: Compulsory pension and disability insurance
    III: Voluntary pension and disability insurance
    IV: Persons provided with rights in the event of disability and corporal damage caused by an occupational injury of disease
    V: Rights deriving from pension and disability insurance
    VI: Conditions to acquire rights deriving from pension and disability insurance
    VII: Pension qualifying period
    VIII: Establishment of the level of rights deriving from pension and disability insurance
    IX: Indexation of pensions and monetary compensations for corporal injury
    X: Realization and use of rights deriving from pension and disability insurance
    XI: Registry of insured persons and beneficiaries of pension and disability insurance
    XII: Organisation
    XIII: Financing
    XIV: Damage compensation
    XV: Control
    XVI: Penal provisions
    XVII: Transitional and final provisions

  18. Serbia - - Law, Act

    Act of 17 March 2003 on measures in case of state of emergency. - English translation

    Adoption: 2003-03-17 | YUG-2003-L-68331

  19. Serbia - - Law, Act

    Act of 22 July 2002 on organization of courts. - English translation

    Adoption: 2002-07-22 | Date of entry into force: 2002-01-01 | Date of partial entry into force: 2002-10-01 | YUG-2002-L-68332

    Contains provisions on independence of judicial power, court jurisdiction and internal organisation of courts.

  20. Serbia - - Law, Act

    Act on Organization and Jurisdiction of Government Authorities in Combating Organized Crime, Corruption and Other Serious Crimes. - English translation Legislation on-line

    Adoption: 2002-07-22 | Date of partial entry into force: 2003-03-01 | SRB-2002-L-68333

    Governs the establishment, organisation, jurisdiction and powers of special government bodies for detection and prosecution of perpetrators of criminal offences such as human trafficking.

  21. Serbia - - Law, Act

    Act on Broadcasting (Official Gazette Rs No. 42/02). (Zakon o Radiodifuziji) - Parliament's website English translation

    Adoption: 2002-07-18 | SRB-2002-L-85339

    Stipulates the Conditions for and manner of conducting broadcasting activities in keeping with international conventions and standards. Repeals the Law on Radio Television (Official Gazette RS No. 48/91).

  22. Serbia - - Law, Act

    Act of 4 July 2002 to amend and supplement the Act on labour relations with State bodies.

    Adoption: 2002-07-04 | YUG-2002-L-71466

    Amends several sections relating, inter alia, to the obligation of State employees take part in expert improvement exercises organized within the State body. Such employees shall be entitled to paid leave during such actitivites.

  23. Serbia - - Law, Act

    Act of 2 April 2002 on financial support to families with children. (Zakon o financijskoj podrsci porodica sa decom) - Parliament website Official English Translation

    Adoption: 2002-04-02 | Date of entry into force: 2002-06-01 | SRB-2002-L-89458

    Defines the right of financial support, procedures and methods of exercising the rights, and penalty provisions.

  24. Serbia - - Law, Act

    Act of 8 March 2002 on local self-government. - English translation

    Adoption: 2002-03-08 | YUG-2002-L-68335

  25. Serbia - - Law, Act

    Act of 21 February 2002 establishing particular competencies of the Autonomous Province. - English translation

    Adoption: 2002-02-21 | YUG-2002-L-68338

    Determines competencies of the Autonomous Province, particularly in spheres where the Republic regulates the system. Deals with juridiction of the Autonomous Province in various fields such as culture, education, health care and insurance, pension and disability insurance, and social welfare.

  26. Serbia - - Regulation, Decree, Ordinance

    Rulebook of on terms, conditions, procedure and manner for generating rights for absence from work for special nursing of children. - Official English translation

    Adoption: 2002-01 | Date of entry into force: 2002-01-21 | SRB-2002-R-89467

    Determines conditions, such as types of handicap.

  27. Serbia - - Law, Act

    Act of 2002 on amendments and addenda to the Act on organisation of courts. - English translation

    Adoption: 2002 | YUG-2002-L-68334

  28. Serbia - - Law, Act

    Act on the Security Information Agency, 2002 (Official Gazette of the RS No. 42/2002). (Zakon o Bezbednosno-informativnoj agenciji) - Legislation on-line

    Adoption: 2002 | SRB-2002-L-99923

  29. Serbia - - Law, Act

    Labour Code of the Republic of Serbia of 2001. - English translation

    Adoption: 2001-12-12 | Date of entry into force: 2001-12-21 | YUG-2001-L-61116

    Comprehensive legislation on labour relations. Part I provides for relationship between law, by-law and labour contract; basic rights, obligations and responsibilities; and prohibition of discrimination. Part II deals with conditions for establishment of employment relations, labour contract, assuming of work, trial work, labour contract for a definite period of time, employment for the purpose of performing tasks involving increased risk, part-time employment, employment for work outside employer's premises, employment of house help, and trainees. Part III regulates working hours, overtime work, schedule of working hours, redistribution of working hours, and night work. Part IV provides for recess, paid leave, unpaid leave, and dormancy of employment during absence for specified reasons. Part V deals with protection of employees, protection of women and youth, maternity protection, maternity leave and leave from work for child care, leave from work for special care of a child or another person, prohibition of dismissal, protection of disabled persons, and notification of temporary inability to work. Part VI regulates earnings, minimum earnings, compensation of earnings, and compensation of costs. Part VII deals with prohibition of competition, Part VIII with compensation of damage, and Part IX with termination of employment. Part X provides for exercising and protection of rights of employees. Part XI sets forth special provisions concerning temporary and occasional work, service contract, self-employment and employment booklet. Part XII deals with employees council and trade unions, Part XIII with collective contracts, and Part XIV with supervision. Part XV contains punitive provisions. Finally, Part XVI sets forth transitional and final provisions.

  30. Serbia - - Law, Act

    Act of 23 November 2001 on Judges. - English translation

    Adoption: 2001-11-23 | Date of entry into force: 2002-01-01 | YUG-2001-L-68339

    Establishes, inter alia, fundamental principles such as independence of judges, immunity and liability, judgeship, judge's financial status and election of a judge.

  31. Serbia - - Law, Act

    Act of 13 November 2001 on High Judicial Council. - English translation

    Adoption: 2001-11-13 | YUG-2001-L-68336

    Contains provisions on members of the Council and their mandate, composition of the Council, participation and voting.

  32. Serbia - - Law, Act

    Act on Workers' Councils (Presidential Decree No. 01-562/01).

    Adoption: 2001-06-07 | Date of entry into force: 2001-06-13 | SRB-2001-L-79576

    Chapter I - General Provisions
    Chapter II - Modality and Procedure in the Establishment of the Council
    Chapter III - Election of Council Members
    Chapter IV - The Work of the Council
    Chapter V - The Duration and Termination of the Mandate of Council Members
    Chapter VI - Rights and Duties of the Council
    Chapter VII - Penalty Provisions
    Chapter VIII - Final Provisions

  33. Serbia - - Law, Act

    Act on Strikes, 1996 (Official Gazette of the Federal Republic of Yugoslavia No. 29/1996 and Official Gazette of the Republic of Serbia No. 101/2005). (Zakon o Strajku) - Legislation on-line

    Adoption: 1996 | SRB-1996-L-99921

  34. Serbia - - Law, Act

    Act of 1992 on health insurance, as amended up to 2004.

    Adoption: 1992-04-02 | YUG-1992-L-70082

    Defines rights deriving from health insurance of employed persons and other citizens.
    Contains provisions on insured persons (chap. II), rights (chap. IV), voluntary insurance (chap. V), rights realization (chap. VI), organisation of health insurance (chap. VII) and financing (chap. IX).
    Presents in annex the original text of 1992 and all subsequent amendments.

  35. Serbia - - Law, Act

    Act on the Social Care of Children. - Official English translation

    Adoption: 1992 | Date of entry into force: 2010-04-03 | SRB-1992-L-89459

    Defines the rights in the area of social care of children, procedure for exercising rights, pre-school education, institutions for children, provision of resources, supervision over legality of work and professional work, children's week, penalty provisions.

  36. Serbia - - Law, Act

    Act of 1991 on safety at work, as amended up to 1998.

    Adoption: 1991 | YUG-1991-L-71445

    Part one: Basic provisions
    Part two: Guarantee of safety at work
    Part three: Rights, obligations and responsibilities in realization of safety at work
    Part four: Control
    Part five: Penal provisions
    Part six: Transitional and final provisions

  37. Serbia - - Constitution

    Constitution of the Republic of Serbia.

    Adoption: 1990 | YUG-1990-C-64429

    Constitution of the Republic of Serbia. Divided into 9 parts. Part 1 contains basic provisions. Establishes that Republic of Serbia includes autonomous province of Vojvodina and Kosovo, as forms of territorial autonomy. Part 2 provides for freedoms, rights and duties of citizens, Part 3 for economic and social order, and Part 4 for rights and duties of Republic of Serbia. Part 5 deals with republican organs, Part 6 with territorial organisation, Part 7 with guarantees and constitutionality, and Part 8 with relationship to Constitution of Federal Republic of Yugoslavia. Part 9 contains concluding provisions.

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