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Country: Serbia - Subject: Migrant workers

  1. Serbia - Migrant workers - Law, Act

    Act of 14 December 2017 to amend and supplement the Act on the Employment of Foreigners. (Zakon o izmenama i dopunama zakona o zaposljavanju stranaca) - Parliament website

    Adoption: 2017-12-14 | SRB-2017-L-106478

    Amends articles 19, 21 and 22 on work permits.

  2. Serbia - Migrant workers - Law, Act

    Act of 3 November 2015 on conditions for sending workers abroad for temporary work and their protection. (Zakon o uslovima za upucavanje zaposlenih na privremeni rad u inostranstvo i njihovoj zastiti ) - Parliament website

    Adoption: 2015-11-03 | SRB-2015-L-102197

    Determines rights of workers sent for temporary work, conditions, procedures, obligations of employers, cooperation of organizations in charge of protection of rights of employees, and supervision over implementation.

  3. Serbia - Migrant workers - Law, Act

    Act of 25 November 2014 on the Employment of Foreigners. (Zakon o zaposljavanju stranaca) - Parliament website

    Adoption: 2014-11-25 | SRB-2014-L-99440

    Determines conditions for employment of foreigners - EU and non EU citizens, different types of work permits, procedure for obtaining the permit, register, supervision, and penal provisions.

    When this Act enters into effect, the Act on the conditions for the employment of foreign nationals ("Official Gazette of SFRY", No. 11/78 and 64/89, "Official Gazette", Nos. 42/92, 24/94 and 28/96 and "Official Gazette RS ", No. 101/05) ceases to have effect. Regulations made under this Act will remain in force until new Regulations have been adopted.

  4. Serbia - Migrant workers - Law, Act

    Act of 8 November 2012 on Regulation of Migration. (Zakon o upravljanju migracijama) - Parliament website

    Adoption: 2012-11-08 | SRB-2012-L-92932

    Contains provisions on definitions, principles, diaspora, protection of rights and international agreements, management and cooperation with state organs, council, education, temporary accommodation for migrants. Upon entry into force of this Law, the Commissioner for Refugees established under the Refugee Law (RS Official Gazette No. 18/92, Official Gazette No. 42/02 and RS Official Gazette No. 30/10) continues to work as the Commissioner for Refugees and Migration in accordance with the responsibilities established by this Law and other laws.

    I. General Provisions
    II. Management of Migration
    III. Placement and Integration
    IV. Unified system for collecting, organizing and sharing data
    V. Transitional and Final Provisions

  5. Serbia - Migrant workers - Law, Act

    Act of 23 October 2008 on foreigners. (Zakon o strancima) - Information in English

    Adoption: 2008-10-23 | SRB-2008-L-81709

    Chapter I - General provisions
    Chapter II - Entry and exit of foreigners in the Republic of Serbia
    Chapter III - Visas
    Chapter IV - Stay of foreigners
    Chapter V - Illegal stay
    Chapter VI - Expulsion
    Chapter VII - Travel documents for foreigners
    Chapter VIII - Documents for proving identity
    Chapter IX - Place of stay and collection of personal data
    Chapter X - Special provisions for foreigners in uniform
    Chapter XI - Registry and central data base
    Chapter XII - Supervision
    Chapter XIII - Penal provisions
    Chapter XIV - Final provisions

  6. Serbia - Migrant workers - Law, Act

    Act of 24 November 2007 on asylum seeking.

    Adoption: 2007-11-24 | Date of entry into force: 2008-04-01 | SRB-2007-L-78725

    Determines principles, conditions and procedure for obtaining and ending asylum, and the status, rights and obligations of persons who seek asylum and persons who have obtained the right of asylum.

  7. Serbia - Migrant workers - International agreement

    Accord entre la Communauté européenne et la République de Serbie concernant la réadmission des personnes en séjour irrégulier. (Agreement between the European Community and the Republic of Serbia on the readmission of persons residing without authorisation.) - Accord Agreement

    Adoption: 2007-11-08 | INT-2007-IA-100753

    Approuvé par la décision 2007/819/CE du Conseil du 8 novembre 2007, publiée au Journal officiel du 19 décembre 2007.

  8. Serbia - Migrant workers - Law, Act

    Act of 24 September 2007 to amend and supplement the Act on citizenship of the Republic of Serbia.

    Adoption: 2007-09-24 | Date of entry into force: 2007-10-02 | SRB-2007-L-78721

    Changes the name 'Serbia and Montenegro' to 'Serbia' in all articles. Supplements include the right of Montenegrin citizens residing in Serbia to apply for Serbian citizenship, as well as for Serbian nationals not residing in Serbia, and the procedures for applications.

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