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Country: Sudan

  1. Sudan - - Regulation, Decree, Ordinance

    Decree to abolish the Trade Unions Law of 1987.

    Adoption: 1989 | SDN-1989-R-42857

    This Act abolishes the Trade Unions' Act 1987 pursuant to the Third Constitutional Decree of 1989. Appoints a so-called Registrar-General for Trade Unions with the status of Chief of Department in the Attorney General's Office whose main tasks consists of supervising the preparatory committees responsible for the work of Trade Unions and to prepare the formation of new committees on trade unions in accordance with new legislation.

  2. Sudan - - Constitution

    Third Constitutional Decree of 1989 to repeal the Trade Unions Act of 1989.

    Adoption: 1989 | SDN-1989-C-49361

    Repeals Trade Unions Act of 1989 and all its Regulations. Available in English.

  3. Sudan - - Regulation, Decree, Ordinance

    Règlement relatif aux syndicats de travailleurs.

    Adoption: 1988 | SDN-1988-R-6149

    Règlement pris en application de l'art. 8(1) de la loi de 1987 relative aux syndicats de travailleurs (SL 1987 - Soud. 1). Ce texte détermine, de manière détaillée, quels sont les secteurs d'activités dans lesquels les travailleurs peuvent constituer des syndicats, ainsi que les organisations habilitées à les représenter. Il abroge le règlement de 1972 relatif aux principes de la constitution des syndicats.

  4. Sudan - - Law, Act

    Ordonnance provisoire, du 29 décembre 1987, portant loi relative aux syndicats de travailleurs.

    Adoption: 1987-12-29 | SDN-1987-L-6148

    Cette loi (SL 1987 - Soud. 1) régit l'ensemble des questions relatives à la constitution, à l'organisation, au fonctionement et aux activités des syndicats, en particulier : les buts des organisations syndicales et le caractère légal de leurs activités (chap. 2); la structure des syndicats (chap. 3); leur administration (chap. 4); les comités syndicaux et le statut de leurs membres (chap. 5); les procédures de constitution des syndicats (chap. 6). La précédente loi de 1977 aux mêmes fins est abrogée.

  5. Sudan - - Constitution

    Sudan Transitional Constitution (Amendment) Act, 1987.

    Adoption: 1987-04-12 | SDN-1987-C-44003

    Amends various provisions of the Transitional Constitution, 1985. Adds specific measures to combat the Rajab Revolution, inter alia by defining as state objectives the liquidation of traces of the May regime and the rescue of citizens "from the greed of parasite classes." No law made to implement these objectives shall be deemed as unconstitutional. Also amends provisions relating to the procedures of the legislature.

  6. Sudan - - Constitution

    Transitional Constitution of the Republic of the Sudan, 1985.

    Adoption: 1985-10-10 | SDN-1985-C-44001

    Part I stipulates that Islamic Sharia Law shall be the main source of legislation. Part II outlines principles guiding state policy. The State shall pursue national unity and the eradication of racial and regional "fanaticism." The economy shall seek social equality through planning (art. 13). The five northern regions and the national capital shall be administered on the basis of decentralized government; a system of Regional Self-Government shall be established in the Southern Region. Part III sets forth fundamental rights and freedoms, including freedom of religion, expression, association in trade unions, movement, correspondence, and the right to ownership. Persons who posed a threat to public safety or violated the Provisional Constitution 1964 have no recourse to Constitutional protection (art. 32). The legislature may make laws restricitng these freedoms for the sake of public security, morality, or safety of the national economy (art. 33). Part IV outlines the organs of the transitional government, including the Transitional Military Council, Prime Minister, Council of Ministers, and the Constituent Assembly. Part VIII provides for the Judiciary.

  7. Sudan - - Law, Act

    Individual Labour Relations Act 1981.

    Adoption: 1981 | SDN-1981-L-11272

    Repeals the Employment of Children Ordinance 1929 (LS 1929-Sudan) and the Employers and Employed Persons. Translation in French available.

  8. Sudan - - Law, Act

    Management Development Act of 1968 as amended in 1979

    Adoption: 1979 | SDN-1979-L-39859

    Incorporates the Management Development Centre; provides for the objectives and the powers of the Centre; regulates administrative and financial matters; and protects members of the Board and employees of the Centre against certain civil suits.

  9. Sudan - - Law, Act

    The Wages and Conditions of Employment Tribunals Act (1976 Act No. 8).

    Adoption: 1976-02-07 | SDN-1976-L-108048

    Repeals the Wages Tribunals Ordinance, 1952. Establishes the Wages and Conditions of Employment Tribunals and sets out the powers and duties of its officers.

  10. Sudan - - Law, Act

    Industrial Relations Act (No. 4) of 1976

    Adoption: 1976 | SDN-1976-L-39864

    Regulates industrial relations in both the private and the public sectors.

  11. Sudan - - Law, Act

    Peasants' Organizations Act of 1976.

    Adoption: 1976 | Date of entry into force: 1976 | SDN-1976-L-49367

    Available in English.

  12. Sudan - - International agreement

    Agreement on social insurance. Done at Cairo.

    Adoption: 1975-09-21 | INT-1975-IA-25661

  13. Sudan - - Law, Act

    Social Insurance Act 1974.

    Adoption: 1974-10-06 | SDN-1974-L-15239

  14. Sudan - - Law, Act

    The Minimum Standard of Wages Act, 1974 (1974 Act No. 83).

    Adoption: 1974-10-01 | SDN-1974-L-108049

  15. Sudan - - Law, Act

    Manpower Act 1974.

    Adoption: 1974-03-13 | SDN-1974-L-15238

  16. Sudan - - International agreement

    Agreement concerning public officers' pensions. Done at Khartoum.

    Adoption: 1973-11-15 | Date of entry into force: 1973-12-24 | INT-1973-IA-26154

  17. Sudan - - Regulation, Decree, Ordinance

    Employers' Organizations Regulations.

    Adoption: 1973-08-02 | SDN-1973-R-49365

    Available in English.

  18. Sudan - - Law, Act

    Employers' Organizations Act (No. 134 of 1973).

    Adoption: 1973-08-02 | Date of entry into force: 1973-08-02 | SDN-1973-L-49366

    Available in English.

  19. Sudan - - Law, Act

    Regulation of Trade Disputes (Amendment) Act 1969. No. 36.

    Adoption: 1969 | SDN-1969-L-17748

    Replaces s. 27 of the Trade Disputes Act 1966/2: "No. worker shall stop partially or completely or go slow and no employer shall lock-out his place of work wholly or partially unleass he acquires the approval of the Ministry of Labour.

  20. Sudan - - Law, Act

    Management Development and Productivity Centre Act 1968.

    Adoption: 1968 | SDN-1968-L-18467

    An Act to incorporate the Management Development and Productivity Centre and to provide for the manner of its management and operation and other matters pertaining thereto. No. 24.

  21. Sudan - - Law, Act

    Passports and Immigration Act (No. 40 of 1960).

    Adoption: 1960-11-15 | Date of entry into force: 1960-11-15 | SDN-1960-L-49364

    Available in English.

  22. Sudan - - Law, Act

    Domestic Servants Act, 1955.

    Adoption: 1955-04-10 | SDN-1955-L-88877

    The Act regulates the employment relationship between employers and domestic servants. It repeals the Domestic Servants Ordinance of 1921. The Act is divided into three parts.

    Part I - General
    Part II - Identity Certificates
    Part III - Conditions of Employment

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