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Country: Marshall Islands - Subject: Fishers

  1. Marshall Islands - Fishers - Law, Act

    Fisheries Act [51 MIRC Ch 2]. - Legislation on-line in English

    Adoption: 1997-10-13 | MHL-1997-L-87649

    201. Short Title.
    202. Exclusive control and Management of marine resources.
    203. Conservation, management and sustainable use of the fishery resources.
    204. Objectives and Purposes.
    205. Authority may determine total level of fishing and allocations of fishing rights.
    206. Authority may determine participatory rights in fishery.
    207. Designated fisheries- fishery management and development plans.
    208. Conservation and management measures.
    209. Protection of certain species.
    210. Protection and promotion of artisanal fisheries.
    211. Fisheries Exclusion Zone.
    212. Cooperation on high seas fishing for highly resources.
    213. Consultation on international fisheries management.
    214. Fishing with poisons or explosives.
    215. Limitations on taking turtles.
    216. Control of sponges.
    217. Control of pinctada margarztzfera (black-lip mother of pearl oyster shell).
    218. Prohibition of harvesting trochus except during Open season.
    219. Introduction of fish into Fishery Waters.
    220. Prohibition of removal of fish from nets, traps,
    221. Protection of fish aggregating devices, artificial Reefs mooring buoys, floats, trays etc.
    222. Protection of fishing vessel or gear.
    223. Use of possession of prohibited fishing gear
    224. Prohibition of driftnet fishing.

    225. Prohibition of trade in fish, fish products, or other marine resources.
    226. Commercial sale of endangered species.
    227. Export of live fish, fish products or other marine migratory fish stocks.

  2. Marshall Islands - Fishers - Law, Act

    Fisheries Enforcement Act [51 MIRC Ch 5]. - Legislation on-line in English

    Adoption: 1997-10-13 | MHL-1997-L-87650

    Part I - Monitoring, Control and Surveillance
    Part II - Miscellaneous
    Part III - Jurisdiction, Legal Proceedings and Evidence
    Part IV - Forfeiture and Disposition of Seized or Confiscated Property

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