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Country: Maldives

  1. Maldives - - Law, Act

    Act amending the Judicature Act of the Maldives (Act No. 6/2017) - Legislation on-line

    Adoption: 2017 | MDV-2017-L-106000

  2. Maldives - - Law, Act

    Religious Unity Act - 3rd Amendment (Act No. 24/2016). - Legislation on-line

    Adoption: 2016-11 | MDV-2016-L-106005

    The third amendment to the Religious Unity Act will further strengthen the administration of the Supreme Council for Islamic Fatwa.

  3. Maldives - - Law, Act

    Criminal Procedure Code (Act No. 12/2016). - Legislation on-line

    Adoption: 2016-04-18 | Date of entry into force: 2017-07-03 | MDV-2016-L-106006

  4. Maldives - - Law, Act

    Religious Unity Act - 2nd Amendment (Act No. 6/2016). - Legislation on-line

    Adoption: 2016-03 | MDV-2016-L-106004

    The Act addresses challenges concerning religious unity among Maldivians at a national level and will seek to provide a legal basis, and opportunity, to study Islamic fiqh and facilitate timely & constructive religious counsel.

  5. Maldives - - Regulation, Decree, Ordinance

    Employment Approval Regulations - 3rd Amendment (2016/R-14). - Legislation on-line

    Adoption: 2016 | MDV-2016-R-106014

  6. Maldives - - Miscellaneous (circular, directive, legal notice, instruction, etc.)

    Maldives Anti-Human Trafficking Action Plan 2015-2019. - Legislation on-line

    Adoption: 2015 | MDV-2015-M-106009

  7. Maldives - - Regulation, Decree, Ordinance

    Employment Approval Regulations - 1st Amendment (2015/R-1). - Legislation on-line

    Adoption: 2015 | MDV-2015-R-106012

  8. Maldives - - Regulation, Decree, Ordinance

    Employment Approval Regulations - 2nd Amendment (2015/R-187). - Legislation on-line

    Adoption: 2015 | MDV-2015-R-106013

  9. Maldives - - Law, Act

    Prevention of Money Laundering and Terrorism Financing Act, 2014 (Act No. 10 of 2014). - Legislation on-line Legislation on-line

    Adoption: 2014 | MDV-2014-L-102858

    Provides for the prohibition and prevention of money laundering and financing of terrorism, and procedures related thereto.

  10. Maldives - - Law, Act

    Religious Unity Act - 1st Amendment (Act No. 8/2014). - Legislation on-line

    Adoption: 2014 | MDV-2014-L-106003

  11. Maldives - - Law, Act

    Immigration Act, 2007 - 1st amendment (Act No. 27/2014) - Legislation on-line

    Adoption: 2014 | MDV-2014-L-106010

  12. Maldives - - Law, Act

    Anti-Human Trafficking Act, 2013 (Act No. 12/2013). - Legislation on-line

    Adoption: 2013-12 | MDV-2013-L-106008

  13. Maldives - - Law, Act

    Freedom of Peaceful Assembly Act (Act No. 1/2013). - Legislation on-line Legislation on-line

    Adoption: 2013 | MDV-2013-L-106007

    Outlines the rights and obligations concerning the right to peaceful assembly in the Republic of the Maldives. Based on the application of the right outlined in Article 32 of the Constitution, Article 20 (1) of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights (UDHR), Article 21 of the International Covenant on Civil and Political Rights (ICCPR), and restrictions in Article 21 of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights (UDHR) with reference to Article 16 (a) of the Constitution.

  14. Maldives - - Regulation, Decree, Ordinance

    Employment Approval Regulations (2011/R-22). - Legislation on-line

    Adoption: 2011 | MDV-2011-R-106011

  15. Maldives - - Regulation, Decree, Ordinance

    Employment Tribunal Regulation, 2010. - Ministry website Employment Tribunal

    Adoption: 2010 | Date of entry into force: 2009-04-15 | MDV-2010-R-85766

    Sets out the manner in which the work of the Employment Tribunal will be carried out, the manner in which matters submitted to it shall be reviewed and deliberated, and which sets out all other matters related to the Tribunal.

  16. Maldives - - Law, Act

    Judicature Act of the Maldives (Act No. 22/2010). - Legislation on-line

    Adoption: 2010 | MDV-2010-L-105999

  17. Maldives - - Regulation, Decree, Ordinance

    Employment Agency Regulation, 2009. - Ministry website

    Adoption: 2009 | Date of entry into force: 2009-04-15 | MDV-2009-R-85765

  18. Maldives - - Regulation, Decree, Ordinance

    Expatriate Employment Regulation. - Ministry website

    Adoption: 2009 | Date of entry into force: 2009-04 | MDV-2009-R-85767

    Imposes the following duties on the employer: be responsible for the employee during their stay in the Maldives; to pay the salary before the 7th of each month, due for work done during the past month; to provide adequate food and accommodation to the employee for the duration of the employment; to pay all expenses as agreed in the contract; to pay the work permit and all related fees; and to pay for all the costs of repatriating the expatriate employee, in case the Government requests such, prior to the end of the duration of the work permit.

  19. Maldives - - Law, Act

    Employment Act, 2008 (Act No. 2/2008). - Ministry website Ministry website Labour Relations Authority Website

    Adoption: 2008-05-26 | Date of entry into force: 2008-10-13 | MDV-2008-L-85764

    Chapter I - Introductory Provisions
    Chapter II - Fundamental Principles
    Chapter III - Employment of Minors
    Chapter IV - Employment Agreement
    Chapter V - Work Ethics and Dismissal
    Chapter VI - Working Hours
    Chapter VII - Leave Entitlement
    Chapter VIII - Remuneration
    Chapter IX - Foreigners in Employment
    Chapter X - Employment Agencies
    Chapter XI - Training and on the Job Training
    Chapter XII - Occupational Safety and Health
    Chapter XIII - Labour Relations Authority
    Chapter XIV - Employment Tribunal
    Chapter XV - Miscellaneous

    As amended by Act No. 14/2008, Act No. 12 of 2010, Act No. 3/2014, Act No. 14/2015 and Act No. 22/2016.

  20. Maldives - - Constitution

    Constitution of the Republic of Maldives, 2008. - Constitution on-line Unofficial English translation

    Adoption: 2008 | MDV-2008-C-80953

    Chapter I - State, Sovereignty and Citizens
    Chapter II - Fundamental Rights and Freedoms
    Chapter III - The People's Majlis
    Chapter IV - The President
    Chapter V - The Cabinet of Ministers
    Chapter VI - The Judiciary
    Chapter VII - Independent Commissions and Offices
    Chapter VIII - Decentralized Administration
    Chapter IX - Security Services
    Chapter X - Property, Liabilities and Legal Actions of the State
    Chapter XI - State of Emergency
    Chapter XII - Amendment of the Constitution
    Chapter XIII - Application and Construction of the Constitution
    Chapter XIV - Transitional Matters

  21. Maldives - - Law, Act

    Co-operatives Societies Act (Act No. 2/2007). - Legislation on-line

    Adoption: 2007-07-01 | MDV-2007-L-89801

    This Act provides for the establishment, registration and operation of Co-operative Societies in the Maldives. The Government shall appoint a government authority as the Registrar of Co-operative Societies. Powers and responsibilities of the Registrar are defined in the text. The Act sets out procedures and requirements for applying for the registration of Co-operative Societies. In addition, it provides for the legal status of Co-operative Societies and for the management of the Society including: meetings; establishment of a Management Committee and its responsibilities; and assets and funds of the Society. The Act further provides for: registration fees; audit accounts of the Society; investigation of the Society's accounts and dissolution of the Society; offences and penalties; etc.

  22. Maldives - - Law, Act

    Immigration Act, 2007 (Act No. 1/2007). - Unofficial English translation

    Adoption: 2007 | MDV-2007-L-85769

    Lays down the rules for the departure and entry of Maldivian nationals, and entry, departure and deportation of foreign nationals. Repeals Act Number 2/92 (The Act on Fees Chargeable for Foreign Nationals with a Resident Permit in the Maldives).

  23. Maldives - - Law, Act

    Maldives Civil Service Act, 2007. - Legislation on-line

    Adoption: 2007 | MDV-2007-L-95076

    Establishes an independent Civil Service Commission with full statutory powers. Grants and states the legal status, objectives, responsibilities and jurisdiction of the Civil Service Commission including with respect to the supervision of employment of civil servants.

  24. Maldives - - Law, Act

    Human Rights Commission Act, 2006 (Act No. 6/2006). - English Translation Human Rights Commission

    Adoption: 2006 | MDV-2006-L-85768

    Sets out the rules and regulations by which the Human Rights Commission is established and defines the objectives, responsibilities and powers of the Commission. Repeals the Human Rights Commission Act (Act No. 1/2005).

  25. Maldives - - Law, Act

    Associations Act, 2003 (Act No: 1/2003). - Unofficial English translation

    Adoption: 2003 | MDV-2003-L-85774

    Makes provision in respect of the incorporation, registration and operations of associations, parties and clubs.

  26. Maldives - - Law, Act

    Family Act, 2000 (Act No. 4/2000). - Unofficial English translation

    Adoption: 2000-12-12 | MDV-2000-L-85773

    Makes provision in respect of the principles to be followed in the Maldives with regard to marriage, divorce, payment of maintenance, custody, guardianship, ascription of legitimacy, proof of paternity and certain other matters of family life in the Maldives.

  27. Maldives - - Law, Act

    Prevention and Prohibition of Corruption Act, 2000 (Act No. 2/2000). - Unofficial English translation

    Adoption: 2000-08-31 | MDV-2000-L-85771

    Provides for measures to prevent the offer and acceptance of bribery, the prevention and prohibition of attainment of undue advantage or the facilitation of attainment of undue advantage through use of influence from position, and the prevention of such.

  28. Maldives - - Constitution

    Constitution of the Republic of Maldives, 1998.

    Adoption: 1998-01-01 | MDV-1998-C-56770

    Repeals the Constitution of 1968, providing, inter alia, a more detailed catalogue of Fundamental Rights and Duties of Citizens. Rights include freedoms of education, association, occupation, association and pensions, but are made "subject to the possibility of legislation (Art. 15c)".

  29. Maldives - - Law, Act

    The Companies Act of the Republic of Maldives, 1996 (Act No. 10/1996). - Unofficial English translation

    Adoption: 1996 | MDV-1996-L-85775

    Law governing the formation, registration and management of companies in the Republic of Maldives.

  30. Maldives - - Law, Act

    Maritime Zones of Maldives Act, 1996 (Act No. 6/96). - Unofficial English translation

    Adoption: 1996 | MDV-1996-L-85776

    This Act makes provision in respect of the internal waters, territorial sea and contiguous zone and the exclusive economic zone of Maldives.

  31. Maldives - - Law, Act

    Religious Unity Act (Act No. 6/94). - Legislation on-line

    Adoption: 1994-07-03 | MDV-1994-L-106002

  32. Maldives - - Law, Act

    Environmental Protection And Preservation Act Of Maldives (Act No: 4/93). - Unofficial English translation

    Adoption: 1993-04-19 | MDV-1993-L-85778

  33. Maldives - - Law, Act

    Prevention of Terrorism Act 1990 (Act No. 10/1990). - Unofficial English translation

    Adoption: 1990-12-09 | MDV-1990-L-85772

    Sets out what is to be construed as an act of terrorism. Provides for offences and penalties for violations of these.

  34. Maldives - - Law, Act

    Fisheries Act of Maldives, 1987 (Act No. 5/87). - Unofficial English translation Legislation on-line

    Adoption: 1987 | MDV-1987-L-85777

    An Act relating to fishing, capturing or taking of living resources in the seas of the Exclusive Economic Zone of the Maldives. The Ministery of Fisheries is empowered to formulate and administer regulations on matters relating to fisheries and shall oversee all fisheris activities in the country (sect. 3). Commercial fishing by foreigners or Maldivians jointly with foreigners, requires a permission of the Ministry of Trade and Industries (sect. 5). Fishing for export or other commercial purposes in the EEZ beyond " the area most commonly used by Maldivians for fishing" shall be conducted under the authority of the Ministry of Trade and any party wishing to undertake such fishing shall sign an agreement with the Ministry for that purpose. Other paragraphs of section 6 specify contents of such an agreement. Entrance into the EEZ of unlicensed fishing vessels requires a permission of the Ministry of Fisheries (sect. 7). For purposes of conservation, the Ministry of Fisheries may restrict fishing in accordance with provisions of section 10. Other provisions of the Law deal with research fisheries, enforcement measures and offences. Section 14 defines the "fishing grounds most commonly used by Maldivians" in the EEZ. (14 sections)

  35. Maldives - - Regulation, Decree, Ordinance

    General Fisheries Regulations. - Legislation on-line

    Adoption: 1987 | MDV-1987-R-105998

    These Regulations provide selected rules relative to marine fisheries in The Maldives. No Maldivian vessel shall fish beyond Maldivian waters except after obtaining approval from the Ministry. Any party desiring to fish, process or export fish products shall obtain the approval of the Ministry prior to the commencement of such business. The Regulations impose certain restrictions on reef fishing. They also place restrictions on the use of gear, ban the fishing for sharks for a ten-year period and prohibit the catching, fishing, collecting or killing within the Exclusive Economic Zone of dolphins, whales, female lobsters carrying eggs and certain species of clams, sharks and turtles and regulate the use of Fish Aggregating Devices.

  36. Maldives - - Law, Act

    Penal Code, 1961 (Act No. 1/81) [5th Safar 1381]. - Unofficial English Translation (Chapter 1) Unofficial English Translation (Chapter 2) Unofficial English Translation (Chapter 3) Unofficial English Translation (Chapter 4)

    Adoption: 1961-07-19 | MDV-1961-L-85770

    Sets out the penal offences in the Maldives as well as the penalties for violation of these offences.

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