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Country: Lao People's Democratic Republic - Subject: Specific categories of workers

  1. Lao People's Democratic Republic - Specific categories of workers - Regulation, Decree, Ordinance

    Decree Governing Employment of Local Staff Working with Foreign Organization in Laos (No. 456 of 2010). - Legislation on-line Legislation on-line

    Adoption: 2010-11-01 | Date of entry into force: 2014-05-25 | LAO-2010-R-96471

  2. Lao People's Democratic Republic - Specific categories of workers - Law, Act

    Decree on Civil Servants, 2003 (Decree No. 82/PM)

    Adoption: 2003-05-19 | Date of entry into force: 2003-07-01 | LAO-2003-L-81722

    Chapter 1 - General Provisions
    Chapter 2 - Grades, Steps and Career Groups of Civil Servants
    Chapter 3 - Management Positions and Clerical Positions
    Chapter 4 - Obligations and Duties of Civil Servants
    Chapter 5 - Rights and Interests of Civil Servants
    Chapter 6 - Prohibitions to Civil Servants
    Chapter 7 - Recruitment
    Chapter 8 - Apprenticeship
    Chapter 9 - Civil Servants' Status
    Chapter 10 - Transfer
    Chapter 11 - Output Evaluation
    Chapter 12 - Step and Grade Promotion
    Chapter 13 - Remuneration and Rewards
    Chapter 14 - Disciplinary Measures
    Chapter 15 - Rights, Duties and Composition of Disciplinary Committee
    Chapter 16 - Punishment Procedure
    Chapter 17 - Training and Development of Civil Servants
    Chapter 18 - Termination of Employment
    Chapter 19 - Management of Civil Servants
    Chapter 20 - Final Provisions

    Replaces the Decree No. 171/PM on Civil Servants of 11 November 1993 and the Decree No. 172/PM on the Classification and Grades of Steps of State Employees of 11 November 1993.

  3. Lao People's Democratic Republic - Specific categories of workers - Law, Act

    Law on Agriculture, 1998 (01-98/NA) (Promulgated by Decree No. 105/PO of 6 November 1998). - English translation

    Adoption: 1998-10-10 | LAO-1998-L-81053

    Determines the principles, rules, and measures regarding the organization and activities of agricultural production, including management and preservation of agricultural activities and production with the following aims: to encourage, promote, and expand agricultural production to guarantee the food supply and to guarantee commodity production; to create favourable conditions for building and expanding agro-industrial processing; to contribute to national economic growth; to make people wealthy; to strengthen the nation; and to avoid damaging and endangering the environment.

  4. Lao People's Democratic Republic - Specific categories of workers - Law, Act

    Mining Law, 1997 (No. 04-97/NA) (Promulgated by Decree No. 36/PO of 31 May 1997). - English translation

    Adoption: 1997-04-12 | LAO-1997-L-81056

    Determines the system of management, preservation, exploration, exploitation and processing of minerals into goods for local consumption and export by using the potential of natural resources, in order to contribute to the industrialisation process and to improve the people's living conditions. Includes obligation of mining business operators, inter alia, to ensure training and development of skills for Lao workers, including to ensure their welfare, health and security (article 42). Also includes duty of Ministry of Industry and Handicrafts to train and upgrade geological-mining skills among Lao personnel and workers (article 49).

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