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Country: Austria - Subject: Banking, finance, insurance workers

  1. Austria - Banking, finance, insurance workers - Law, Act

    Federal Act of 27 June 1990 amending the Parental Leave Act, the Maternity Protection Act 1979, the Agricultural Labour Act 1984, the Employees Act, the Agricultural Employees Act, the Holidays Act, the Construction Workers' Holidays and Termination of Employment Act, the Unemployment Insurance Act 1977, the Labour and Social Courts Act, the Collective Labour Relations Act, the General Social Insurance Act, the Families Equalization of Burdens Act 1967, the Enterprise Assistance Act, the Unpaid Leave Allowances Act, the Civil Service Act 1979, the Salaries Act 1956, the Pension Act 1965, the Contract Public Employees Act 1948, the Federal Forestry Service Act 1986, the Agricultural and Forestry Workers Service Act, the Labour Market Promotion Act and the Federal Act (BGBl No. 300/1990) amending the Continuation of Wage Payment Act, as well as making provision for a re-employment subsidy (Unpaid Leave Complementary Act).

    Adoption: 1990-06-27 | Date of entry into force: 1990-07-01 | AUT-1990-L-22657

  2. Austria - Banking, finance, insurance workers - Law, Act

    Federal Act of 25 November 1987 amending the Employment Promotion Act [LS 1969 - Aus. 2], the General Social Security Act [LS 1955 - Aus. 3 (extracts)... 1961 - Aus. 2], the Act on Social Security in the Trades [BGBl. 560/1978] and the Farmers' Social Security Act [BGBl. 599/1978]. Text No. 616.

    Adoption: 1987-11-25 | AUT-1987-L-4592

    Amends the Employment Protection Act in relation to limitations on wage attachments and social security for persons receiving assistance under that Act. Makes minor administrative and temporary amendments to the Unemployment Insurance Act. Amends the Acts on social security for farmers and in the trades with respect to the purposes for which contributions may be taken into account. Repeals the Act amending various Acts which was published in BGBl. 78/1987. Entry into force 1 Jan. 1988.

  3. Austria - Banking, finance, insurance workers - Law, Act

    Loi fédérale modifiant la loi de 1948 sur les employés engagés par contrat (trente-cinquième modification de la loi sur les employés engagés par contrat) et la loi sur les conditions de service des employés fédéraux dans les entreprises forestières [texte No. 201 de 1969]. Texte No. 549.

    Adoption: 1984-12-12 | AUT-1984-L-996

    Nombreuses modifications.

  4. Austria - Banking, finance, insurance workers - Law, Act

    A federal Act to amend the Employees Act [of 11 May 1921: LS 1921 - Aus. 1]; the Estate Employees Act [of 26 September 1923: LS 1923 - Aus. 2] and the Agricultural Labour Act [of 2 June 1948: LS 1948 - Aus. 2 ... 1965 - Aus. 3A]. Text No. 544.

    Adoption: 1983-10-21 | Date of entry into force: 1984-01-01 | AUT-1983-L-10006

    Miscellaneous amendments.

  5. Austria - Banking, finance, insurance workers - Law, Act

    Contract Employees (Amendment) Act (No. 19). Text No. 62.

    Adoption: 1972-02-15 | AUT-1972-L-16319

    A Federal Act to amend the Contract Employees Act 1948.

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