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Nombre: Law No. 1 of 2008 with respect to Trafficking in Persons.
País: Bahrein
Tema(s): Eliminación del trabajo forzoso
Tipo de legislación: Ley
Adoptado el: 2008-01-09
Entry into force:
Publicado el: English Translation of the Official Gazette, 2008-01-17, No. 2826, pp. 1-5
ISN: BHR-2008-L-81806
Bibliografía: English Translation of the Official Gazette, 2008-01-17, No. 2826, pp. 1-5
Resumen/cita: Article 1 - Definitions of "trafficking in persons", "exploitation" and explains offences relating to victims under the age of 18 years.
Article 2 - provides for penalties for persons who commit an offence under the law of imprisonment and a fine as well as being liable to pay the costs, including repatriation, following conviction of an offence. The property and funds etc. may also be confiscated by the State.
Article 3 - Offences related to Corporate bodies
Article 4 - Lists the aggravating circumstances to the crime of trafficking (subject to the provisions of Chapter 5, Part 3 of the Penal Code)
Article 5 - Procedures during investigation and court proceedings to protect the victim of trafficking
Article 6 - Power of court to decide if the victim needs to stay in the Kingdom or not
Article 7 - Provides for the establishment of a Committee for the Assessment of the Status of Foreigners who are Victims of Trafficking in Persons by a Ministerial Order of the Minister of Social Development
Article 8 - Provides for the establishment of a Committee for Combating Trafficking by a Ministerial Order from the Foreign Minister
Article 9 - The Minister of Social Development is to issue a Ministerial Order with respect to the organisation of centres for sheltering the victims of trafficking in persons
Article 10 - Coming into effect of the Law on the day following the date of its publication in the Official Gazette.
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