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Nombre original: Entgeltfortzahlungsgesetz (EFZG)
Nombre: Federal Act concerning the payment of wages for ill employees (BGBl. 1974/399). Text No. 52e.
País: Austria
Tema(s): Asistencia médica y prestaciones monetarias de enfermedad
Tipo de legislación: Ley
Adoptado el: 1974-06-26
Entry into force:
ISN: AUT-1974-L-42824
Bibliografía: Arbeitsrecht, Dittrich, Veit, Tades, Manz Verlag, Vienna, Austria
SOZDOK edtion 1998, Ministry of Labour, 26 p.
Resumen/cita: Provides employees the right to claim wages in the case of disability to work due to occupational accidents or illnesses caused by working conditions or environment. The employer must continue to pay the employee's wage, which shall not be considered as a benefit, but rather payment for work as usual, even though the employee is not working. Employees are initially entitled to one hundred per cent of their wages, although this period is subject to the length of the employee's service to the employer. Consolidated text.
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