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Nombre: Law No. RT I, 07.12.2016, 1 of 23 November 2016 to Amend the Law "On Working Conditions of Employees Posted to Estonia".
País: Estonia
Tema(s): Política de empleo y promoción del empleo, servicios del empleo; Trabajadores migrantes
Tipo de legislación: Ley
Adoptado el: 2016-11-23
Entry into force:
ISN: EST-2016-L-105042
Bibliografía: legislation on-line legislation on-line Riigi Teataja, Estonia PDF in Estonian PDF in Estonian (Consultado el 2017-09-05)
Resumen/cita: Introduces wording changes into paragraph 1 (Objective of Act); sub-paragraphs (1), (2), (2.1) of paragraph 5 (Applicable working conditions); supplements the law with new paragraphs 5.1 (Provision of data and documents), 5.2 (Liability of person who ordered service from employer of posted employee). Changes the wording of paragraphs 6 (Implementing authority and cooperation), 7 (Dispute Resolution), 7.1 (Cross-border notification of financial administrative measure and submission for enforcement), 7.2 (Proceedings concerning cross-border notification of financial administrative measure and request for submission for enforcement thereof to Republic of Estonia), 7.3 (Cross-border notification of penalty payment imposed in Estonia and submission for enforcement thereof in foreign state), 8 (Exercise of state and administrative supervision). Repeals paragraph 9 (Procedure for challenging precept). Adds new paragraphs 9.1 (Failure to apply working conditions), 9.2 (Proceedings), which makes amendments in paragraph 2 (Object of tax) of the Law on Social Tax; paragraph 13 (Income from employment) of the Law on Income Tax. Also amends the Law on Employment Contracts, namely rephrases the title of Chapter 6, which now reads: "Dispute settlement and national, administrative supervision", paragraph 115 (National and administrative supervision). Also makes wording changes into paragraph 37 (Payment of transport and accommodation benefits, and rate of benefits) of the Law on Labour Market Services and Benefits.
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