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Recherche juridique

Journal/Gazette officiel(le)

Cyprus Government Gazette
In Greek.

Official Gazette - Episemos ephemeris
16 August 1960- . Leukosia, Typographeio Kypriakies Demokratias, 1960- (in Greek and Turkish from 1960 to 1962; in Greek only since 1963). Available in hardcopy version (INFORM P60168).

Official Gazette - Epissimi Ephimeris tis Dimocratias
Printed in Leukosia, by the Typographeio Kypriakies Demokratias. Available in hardcopy version (INFORM P60168).

Liens juridiques

2007-03-02 - (International Constitutional Law - University of Bern)
In English.

Information on employment
2007-03-02 - (Government)
Links related to the safeguardance and maintainance of industrial peace and healthy conditions in the area of labour (industrial relations).

Ministry of Labour and Social Insurance
Includes legislation in Greek as well as unofficial English translations of laws and regulations.

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