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Diario/Boletín Oficial

Official Gazette - Sbírka Zákonú
Access to Official Gazette online from 1945.

Official Gazette - Sbírka Zákonú Ceske Republiky
1992- present. Available at INFORM (INFORM P60173, L-CSK ).

Official Gazette - Úredni List Republiky Ceskoslovenské
1945- present. Available in hardcopy version (INFORM P6017).

Links jurídicos

Collection of Acts of the Czech Republic
Provides free access to volumes and regulations promulgated in Collection of Acts of the CR and in Collection of International Treaties for the period of the last 4 weeks. Also includes, as a paid service, the complete archive of regulations promulgated in Collection of Acts from 1945 to 1992, but only regulations in force, from the year 1993 all regulations. In Czech. The English version only includes the titles of regulations from the year 1993.

2007-02-26 - (The Office of the Czech Republic Government)
In English.

Governement decisions
2006-10-26 - (The Office of the Czech Republic Government)
Search in Governement decisions listed by chronological order from 1991 onwards. In Czech.

2007-02-26 - (Ministerstvo Vnitra České Republiky)
Free access to texts of the approved laws from 1960 onwards. In Czech.

Selected labour and social legislation
2007-02-26 - (Ministry of Labour and Social Affairs)
Basic laws translated in English.


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