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Legal research

Legal research links

Constitution of Ukraine
In English.

Laws of Ukraine
2006-10-26 - (Parliament)
Summary versions in English of some Ukrainian acts. Full up-to-date texts in Ukrainian of central authorities' legislation and international documents. Free access. The database is of informative nature and is not an official edition.

NAU - Normative Acts of Ukraine
Free access to acts of central authorities and international treaties in Ukrainian. Access to regional legislation, court practice, translation in Russian and English subject to registration and payment.

Official Gazette information

Official Gazette - Holos Ukrainy
Hazeta Verkhovny Rady Ukrainy, from 1 Jan. 1991, Kyiv (also issued in Russian edition as Golos Ukrainy).

Official Gazette - Uryadovy Kuryer
Gazette of the central executive bodies of Ukraine.
1990 - present.

Official Gazette - Vidomosti Verkhovnoi Rady Ukrainy
Kiev. 1991- . Available in hardcopy version (INFORM P60943).

Official Gazette - Zibrannia Postanov Uriadu Ukrainy
Decrees of the Government. From 1992, Kiev.

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Last updated: Tuesday - 27th July 2021