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Legal research

Legal research links

() Constitution
2010-02-16 - (Parliament of Thailand)
In Thai.

Labour law
2006-04-04 - (Ministry of Labour)
Summaries of labour legislation with links to full selected labour acts. In English.

2006-04-04 - (Office of the Council of State of Thailand)
Official translations of most statutes. In Thai and English.

Legislation in English
www, - 2010-02-16
Unofficial English translations of a large number of Thai laws and regulations.

Thai Law Reform Commission
2010-02-16 - (Office of the Council of State of Thailand)
Links to current translated acts, drafted bills, amendments and other legislation publications. In Thai and English.

Official Gazette information

Royal Thai Gazette
2005-06-21 - (Government of Thailand)
In Thai.

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Last updated: Tuesday - 27th July 2021