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2006-12-07 - (Norwegian Government)
In English.

Norwegian Laws
2006-12-07 - (Ministry of Justice, Faculty of Law at the University of Oslo) - Oslo
Provides a list of Norwegian Statutes in English (in chronological or alphabetical order). Also allows the search of specific acts or regulations.
The Norwegian version provides access to Statutes, Parliamentary decisions, Regulations, Court Decisions and the Legal Gazette.
The site also makes available more complete on line services (subscription and payment required) such as Lovdata SELEX and Lovdata Plus.

Translated Norwegian Legislation
2006-12-07 - (University of Oslo)
Allows for the search of Norwegian legislation (acts and regulations) translated into English and other languages. The translations are unofficial and only updated at the time of the translation.

Official Gazette information

Official Gazette - Norsk Lovtidende
2005-07-20 - (Lovdata CELEX)
1877- . Oslo. Statsministerens Kontor. 1877- . Part I : legislation, ministerial orders, administrative acts concerning personal rights and liberties. Part II : general administrative regulations. Available in hardcopy version (INFORM P60561).

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