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Legal research

Group 1

Government website
2010-02-11 - (Government of Mongolia)
Government website in English. Contains a links to Government Ministries and agencies.

Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Trade
Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Trade - 2010-02-11 - (Government of Mongolia)
Contains information on the country including foreign policy and also contains some laws on diplomacy.

Legal research links

2010-02-11 - (Embassy of Mongolia, Washington D.C.)
In English.

Laws and Regulations in Mongolian
Legal _Information System - 2010-02-11 - (Government of Mongolia)
Official government website containing legal information including laws and regulations.

Laws in English
Foreign Investment and Foreign Trade Agency (FIFTA) - 2010-02-11 - (Government of Mongolia)
Contains a number of laws concerning investment in Mongolia including labour, civil, environmental and migration laws.

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Last updated: Tuesday - 26th May 2020