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Legal research

Legal research links

2007-03-05 - (Embassy of the Republic of Kazakhstan in the United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland)
In English.

2006-10-25 - (KAMAL Consortium)
Search in the classifier of the Kazakh legislation. Free access. Texts in Russian.

2007-05-16 - (Parliament)
Full text of adopted laws in Kazakh and Russian.

Ministry of Labour
2007-03-05 - (Informational analityc center)
Texts of labour legislation in Kazakh and Russian. Laws on pensions and labour available in English.

2006-10-25 - (YurInfo Company)
Commercial online database providing access to normative acts, draft laws, judicial practice and international law.
Texts in Russian.

Official Gazette information

Official Gazette - Aktiler zhinagy/ Qazaqstan respublikasynyng prezidenti men Qazaqstan respublikasy ukimetining
Sobranie aktov prezidenta Respubliki Kazakhstan i pravitelstva Respubliki Kazakhstan. Almaty, Upravlenie delami i Obshchi otdel apparata Prezidentai, 1994- (Texts in Kazakh and Russian). Available in hardcopy version (INFORM P60407).

Official Gazette - Kazakhstanskaia Pravda
Kazalstam Pravdasy, 1921- , Alma-Ata, Komitet.

Official Gazette - Qazaqstan respublikasy zhogharghy kengesining zharshysy
Vedomosti Verkhovnogo Soveta Respubliki Kazakhstan, 1974- , Alma-Ata.

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Last updated: Tuesday - 27th July 2021