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Legal research

Legal research links

Legislative Department - 2007-03-05 - (Ministry of Law and Justice)
In English and Hindi.

India Code Information System (INCODIS)
2006-12-06 - (Legislative Department , National Informatics Centre (Department of Information Technology))
Free on-line database providing access to central Acts of the Indian Parliament (from 1834). In English.

Judis (The Judgement Information System)
2006-04-10 - (National Informatics Centre, Ministry Of Information Technology)
Free searchable database of judgements passed by Indian courts.

Labour Acts
2006-10-23 - (Ministry of Labour and Employment)
Lists various central labour Acts on industrial relations, wages, working hours, conditions of work, equality, social security, employment, training, etc.

2006-12-05 - (Commonwealth Legal Information Institute)
Contains Indian legislation in alphabetical order and by year.

Ministry of Labour
Includes links to labour policy and statistics. In English.

Parliamentary Bills Information System
2006-04-10 - (Parliament of India)
Searchable database of Bills (in English) in both Houses of Parliament - Lok Sabha (House of the People) and Rajya Sabha (Council of States).

Official Gazette information

Official Gazette - Gazette of India
Part II Section 3 sub-section i: P60350 ( received since 1958, most of 1996 missing, some of 1997 arrived);
Part II Section 3 subsection ii: P60351 (extraordinary issues of 1994, 95 and 96 available);
Part II, Section 3, sub-section iii: P60349 (received from 1958 to 1990; some issues available after 1990) New Delhi. Controller of Publications. (INFORM P60349).

Official Gazette- Acts of Parliament
Available in hardcopy version till 1993 (INFORM P60353), not received since then.

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Last updated: Monday - 6th December 2021