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Principaux textes de droit du travail

Kirghizistan - Principaux textes dans NATLEX

01.01) Droit constitutionnel
     Constitution of the Republic of Kyrgyzstan (adopted by referendum the 27 June 2010).

01.02) Codes du travail, Lois générales sur le travail ou l'emploi
     Labour Code of the Republic of Kyrgyzstan of 4 August 2004 (Text No. 106).

01.03) Droit civil, droit commercial, droit de la famille
     Civil Code (Part II) of the Republic of Kyrgyzstan of 5 January 1998, as amended.
     Civil Code (Part I) of the Republic of Kyrgyzstan of 8 May 1996, as amended.
     Family Code of Kyrgyzstan of 30 August 2003 (No. 201).
     Law of the Kyrgyz Republic on Citizenship, 2007.

01.04) Droit pénal et procédure pénale
     Penal Code of the Kyrgyz Republic of 1 October 1997.

02) Liberté syndicale, négociation collective et relations professionnelles
     Act No. 120 of 23 July 2002 on citizens' right to gather peacefully without weapons, to freely organize meetings and demonstrations (Text No. 408).
     Trade Unions Act of the Kyrgyz Republic of 16 October 1998.
     Act No. 164 of 21 August 2004 on collective agreements (Text No. 43).
     Act No. 154 of 25 July 2003 on social partnership in the field of labour relations (Text No. 496).
     Act No. 66 of 22 May 2004 on employers' associations (Text No. 406).

03) Elimination du travail forcé
     Law No. 55 of 17 March 2005 on preventing and combating trafficking in human beings (Text No. 496).

04) Élimination du travail des enfants, protection des enfants et des adolescents
     Act No. 46 of 26 February 2000 on basic principles of State youth policy (Text No. 291).
     Law No.185 of 21 July 2015 "On Preventive Measures against Harm to Health of Children, their Physical, Intellectual, Psychological, Spiritual and Ethical Development in Kyrgyzstan".
     Code of 10 July 2012 of the Kyrgyz Republic on Children (No. 100).

04.01) Travail dangereux des enfants
     Decree No. 314 of 2 July 2001 of the Government of Kyrgyzstan on the list of productions, professions and tasks with difficult and harmful working conditions, to which it is forbidden to employ persons under 18 years of age (Consolidation up to 17 June 2005).

05) Égalité de chances et de traitement
     Act No. 60 of 12 March 2003 on the basis of State guarantees to ensure gender equality (Text No. 236).

05.03) VIH/SIDA
     Act No. 149 of 13 August 2005 on HIV/AIDS in the Republic of Kyrgyzstan (Text No. 900).

07.01) Inspection du travail
     Law of the Kyrgyz Republic on Procedure for Conducting Inspections of Businesses (Text No.72).
     Government Decree No. 390 of 22 June 2008 on State Labour Inspection within the Ministry of Labour and Social Development.

08) Politique et promotion de l'emploi, services de l'emploi
     Law No.214 of 3 August 2015 "On Promotion of Employment of Population".
     Law on the Promotion of Employment (No. 113 of 1998).
     Law No. 440-XII of 20 April 1991 on the Employment of the Population.

08.01) Travailleurs handicapés
     Law No. 421-XII of 17 April 1991 on Social Protection of the Disabled in the Republic of Kyrgyzstan.

09) Education, orientation et formation professionnelles
     Act No. 92 of 30 April 2003 on Education (Text No. 323).

11) Coopératives
     Act No. 70 of 11 June 2004 on Cooperatives (Text No. 436).

12.02) Salaires
     Act of 15 October 1997 on Bankruptcy.

14) Sécurité et santé au travail
     Act No. 167 of 1 August 2003 on Labour Protection (Occupational Safety and Health) (Text No. 508).

14.01) Protection contre des risques particuliers
     Law No. 58 of 17 June 1999 on Radiation Safety of the Population.
     Law No. 224 of 29 November 2011 on Technical Regulations concerning Radiation Safety.

14.02) Protection dans certaines branches d'activité
     Law No. 202 of 16 November 2013 providing the Technical Regulations for Industrial Safety.

15.01) Soins médicaux et indemnités de maladie
     Act No. 6 of 9 January 2005 on health protection for citizens (Text No. 187).

15.02) Prestations de vieillesse, d'invalidité et de survivants
     Law No. 57 of 21 July 1997 on State Social Pension Insurance.

15.05) Assistance et services sociaux
     Act No. 111 of 19 December 2001 on the basic principles of social service for the population (Text No. 1).

17) Travailleurs migrants
     Act No. 61 of 17 July 2000 on external migration (Text No. 371).
     Act of 14 December 1993 on the legal status of aliens.
     Act No. 44 of 25 March 2002 on Refugees (Text No. 203).
     Act No. 133 of 30 June 2002 on internal migration (Text No. 434).

22.10) Fonctionnaires et agents publics
     Act No. 114 of 11 August 2004 on Public Service.

22.11) Personnel infirmier
     Law of the Republic of Kyrgyzstan No.81 of 28 May 2013 on the Status of Health Care Workers.

22.12) Enseignants
     Law No. 9 of 14 January 2001 on the Status of Teachers (Text No. 683).

Textes ne figurant pas dans NATLEX

Act on State pension social insurance of 1997

Act on State social insurance of 1996

Employment Promotion Act of 1998

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