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Basic labour law information

Ukraine - Basic laws in NATLEX

01.01) Constitutional law
     Constitution of Ukraine of 28 June 1996

01.02) Labour codes, general labour and employment acts
     Act of 1 March 1991 on the Employment of the Population.
     Labour Code of 1972, as amended.

01.03) Civil, commercial and family law
     Civil Code of Ukraine of 2003.
     Family Code of 10 January 2002.
     Civil Procedure Code of Ukraine of 18 March 2004 (Text No. 492).
     Act No. 2235-III of 18 January 2001 on citizenship (Text No. 65).

01.04) Criminal and penal law
     Penal Code of 5 April 2001 No. 2341-III.
     Penal Procedure Code of 11 July 2003 (Text No. 21).

01.05) Human rights
     Law No. 776/97 of the Ukraine on the Ukrainian Parliament Commissioner for Human Rights.
     Law No. 2939-VI of 13 January 2011 on Access to Public Information.

01.06) Economic and social policy
     Act No. 2343 of 14 May 1992 on bankruptcy. (Text No. 440)
     Economic Code of Ukraine No. 436-IV of 16 January 2003 (Text No. 144).

02) Freedom of association, collective bargaining and industrial relations
     Act No. 1045-XIV of 15 September 1999 on on Trade Unions, their Rights and Guarantees for Activities.
     Act No. 137/98-VR of 3 March 1998 on the procedure of settlement of collective labour disputes (conflicts) (Text No. 227).
     Act No. 2460-XII of 16 June 1992 on public associations (Text No. 504).
     Law No. 3356-XII of 1 July 1993 on Collective Agreements and Contracts.
     Law No. 5026-VI of 22 June 2012 on Employers' Organizations, their Associations, and the Rights and Guarantees of their Activities.

03) Elimination of forced labour
     Law No. 3739-VI of 20 September 2011 on combatting Human Trafficking
     Law No. 3236-VI of 19 April 2011 on Volunteering.

04) Elimination of child labour, protection of children and young persons
     Act No. 2402-III of 26 April 2001 on the protection of children (Text No. 142).
     Act No. 2859 of 5 December 1992 on the Declaration on basic principles of State youth policy in Ukraine, as amended to 13 May 1999 [Consolidation].
     Act No. 1281-IV of 18 November 2003 on the National Programme of Youth Support in 2004-2008 (Text No. 144).
     Act No. 2558-III of 21 June 2001 on social work with children and young people (Text No. 213).

04.01) Hazardous child labour
     Order of the Minister of Health Protection on 31st March 1994 "To Approve the List of Heavy Works and Works with Harmful and Dangerous Working Conditions, in which the Use of the Labour Force of Persons Under the Age of 18 Years is Prohibited".

05) Equality of opportunity and treatment
     Law No.239-VII of 15 May 2013 to Amend and Supplement Several Legal Acts of Ukraine Regarding Guaranteeing Equality of Rights of Single Mothers and Single Fathers.
     Act No. 2866-IV of 8 September 2005 to ensure equality of rights and opportunities to women and men (Text No. 561).
     Law No. 5207-VI of 6 September 2012 on Measures to Prevent and Combat Discrimination in Ukraine.

05.02) Workers with family responsibilities
     Act No. 2811-XII of 21 November 1992 on State assistance to families with children.

05.03) HIV/AIDS
     Act No. 1972-12 on prevention of AIDS and social protection of the population, as amended to 3 March 1998 (Text No. 235).

06) Tripartite consultations
     Law No. 2862-VI on Social Dialogue.

07.01) Labour inspection
     Decree of the President of Ukraine on the Regulations concerning the State Inspection of Ukraine on Labour Matters (No. 386/2011).

08) Employment policy, promotion of employment and employment services
     Act of 1 March 1991 on the Employment of the Population.
     Law No. 5067-VI of 5 July 2012 on Employment of the Population.
     Order of the President of Ukraine No.19/2013 of 16 January 2013 on the State Employment Service of Ukraine.

09) Education, vocational guidance and training
     Law No. 4312-VI of 12 January 2012 on Professional Development of Employees.
     Act No. 100/96-VR on Education of 23 May 1991, as amended to 23 March 1996. (Text No. 84)
     Act No. 1841-III of 22 June 2000 on non-scholastic education (Text No. 393).
     Act No. 103/98-VR of 10 February 1998 on vocational and technical education (Text No. 215).
     Act No. 2984-III of 17 January 2002 on higher education (Text No. 134).

11) Cooperatives
     Act No. 1087-IV of 10 July 2003 on Cooperatives (Text No. 35).

12.02) Wages
     Law of Ukraine No. 108-95 of 24 March 1995 on Wages.

13.01) Hours of work, weekly rest and paid leave
     Law No. 504/96-VR of 15 November 1996 on Leave.

14) Occupational safety and health
     Act on Labour Protection (safety and health) of 14 October 1992, as last amended by Act No. 229-IV of 21 November 2002 (Consolidation).

14.01) Protection against particular hazards
     Act No. 81 of 8 February 1995 on the use of nuclear energy and on radiation safety.
     Act No. 2245-III of 18 January 2001 on places of high danger (Text No. 73).
     Act No. 2064-III of 19 October 2000 on physical protection of nuclear installations, nuclear materials, radioactive wastes and other sources of ionising radiation (Text No. 1).
     Act No. 1809-III of 8 June 2000 on the protection of the population and territory against emergency situations having technical or natural origins (Text No. 337).
     Act No. 1947-III of 14 September 2000 on the National programme of treatment of toxic wastes (Text No. 374).
     Act No. 796 of 28 February 1991 on status and social protection of citizens suffering from the consequences of the Chernobyl catastrophe (Text No. 200).
     Act No. 255/95-VR of 30 June 1995 on Radioactive Waste Handling. (Text No. 198)

15) Social security (general standards)
     Principles of legislation on compulsory State social insurance No. 16/98-VR of 14 January 1998 (Text No. 121).
     Act No. 2017-III of 5 October 2000 on State social standards and State social guarantees (Text No. 409).

15.01) Medical care and sickness benefit
     Law No. 5081-VI of 5 July 2012 of on Emergency Medical Aid.

15.02) Old-age, invalidity and survivors benefit
     Pensions Act No. 1788-XII of 5 November 1991 (Text No. 10).
     Act No. 3721 of 16 December 1993 on the basic principles of social protection for labour veterans and other elder citizens, as amended to 17 December 1996 [Consolidation].
     Act No. 1057-IV of 9 July 2003 on Private Pension Insurance (Text No. 372).
     Act No. 1058-IV of 9 July 2003 on compulsory State pension insurance (Text No. 376).

15.03) Employment accident and occupational disease benefit
     Act No. 2240-III of 18 January 2001 on compulsory State social insurance in relation with temporary loss of working capacity and expenses due to birth and burial (Text No. 71).
     Act No. 2272-III of 22 February 2001 on insurance tariffs for compulsory State social insurance against occupational accidents and diseases entailing a loss of working capacity (Text No. 80).
     Act No. 1105-XIV of 23 September 1999 on compulsory State social insurance for occupational accidents and diseases leading to a loss of working capacity (Text No. 403).

15.04) Unemployment benefit
     Act No. 1533 of 2 Mars 2000 on compulsory State social insurance in the event of unemployment (Text No. 171).

15.05) Social assistance and services
     Act No. 966-IV of 19 June 2003 on social services (Text No. 358).
     Act No. 1768-III of 1 June 2000 on State social assistance to families with low income (Text No. 290).

15.06) Administration and financing
     Law No. 2464-VI of 8 July 2010 on Collection and Registration of Unified Contribution for Compulsory State Social Insurance (consolidation, 08 July 2011).

17) Migrant workers
     Law No. 3773-VI of 22 September 2011 on Legal Status of Foreigners and Persons Without Citizenship.
     Act No. 2557-III of 21 June 2001 on refugees (Text No. 250).
     Law No. 3671-VI of 8 July 2011 on Refugees and Persons in Need of Additional or Temporary Protection.
     Act No. 2491-III of 7 June 2001 on immigration (Text No. 197).

18) Seafarers
     Code of Merchant Marine of 23 May 1995. (Text No. 349)

22.01) Agriculture workers
     Land Code of 25 October 2001 (Text No. 27).
     Act No. 2114-XII of 14 February 1992 on collective agricultural enterprises, as amended to 31 October 1996.

22.02) Mining and quarrying workers
     Mining Act No. 1127-XIV of 6 October 1999 (Text No. 433).

22.10) Public and civil servants
     Law No. 4050-VI of 17 November 2011 on Civil Service.

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