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Basic labour law information

Mongolia - Basic laws in NATLEX

01.01) Constitutional law
     Constitution of Mongolia of 13 January 1992

01.02) Labour codes, general labour and employment acts
     Labour Law of Mongolia of 14 May 1999.
     Labour Law of Mongolia (Revised Version).

01.03) Civil, commercial and family law
     Civil Code of Mongolia [revised edition].
     Family Law.
     Company Law of Mongolia.

01.04) Criminal and penal law
     Criminal Code of Mongolia [Revised].

01.05) Human rights
     National Human Rights Commission of Mongolia Act.

02) Freedom of association, collective bargaining and industrial relations
     Trade Union Rights Act, 1991
     Law of Mongolia on Non-Governmental Organisations.

04.01) Hazardous child labour
     Order of the Minister of Health and Social Welfare establishing a list of jobs prohibited for women and minors (No. A/204 of 1999).

05) Equality of opportunity and treatment
     Order of the Minister of Health and Social Welfare establishing a list of jobs prohibited for women and minors (No. A/204 of 1999).

05.03) HIV/AIDS
     Law on Prevention of HIV Infection and AIDS.

07.02) Labour statistics
     Law on Statistics.

08) Employment policy, promotion of employment and employment services
     Employment Promotion Law, 2011 (Revised).

08.01) Disabled workers
     Disabled Persons Social Welfare Law (Revised 2005).

09) Education, vocational guidance and training
     Law on Vocational Training and Education, 2009.
     Law on Education.

11) Cooperatives
     Cooperative Law of Mongolia, 1995.

12.02) Wages
     Minimum Wages Law, 2011.
     Minimum Wages Law, 1998.

14) Occupational safety and health
     Law on Occupational Safety and Health.

14.01) Protection against particular hazards
     Law of Mongolia on Radiation Protection and Safety 2001.

15) Social security (general standards)
     Social Welfare Law (Revised 2005).
     Law of Mongolia on Social Insurance (1994).

15.01) Medical care and sickness benefit
     Health Insurance Law.
     Disabled Persons Social Welfare Law (Revised 2005).

15.02) Old-age, invalidity and survivors benefit
     Elderly Persons Social Welfare Law (Revised 2005).
     Law on Pensions and Benefits Provided by the Social Insurance Fund.
     Law on Personal Contributions for Pension Insurance Premiums.

15.03) Employment accident and occupational disease benefit
     Law on Benefits provided by the Social Insurance Fund against Employment Injury and Occupational Diseases.

15.04) Unemployment benefit
     Law on Unemployment Benefits Paid by the Social Insurance Fund, 1994.

17) Migrant workers
     Law of Mongolia on Sending Workers Abroad and Receiving Workers and Specialists from Abroad.

18) Seafarers
     Maritime Law of Mongolia.

22.10) Public and civil servants
     Public Service Act (1995).

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Last updated: Monday - 29th November 2021