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Basic labour law information

Kazakhstan - Basic laws in NATLEX

01.01) Constitutional law
     Constitution of 30 August 1995.

01.02) Labour codes, general labour and employment acts
     Labour Code of the Republic of Kazakhstan No. 251 of 15 May 2007.
     Labour Law of 10 December 1999.

01.03) Civil, commercial and family law
     Civil Code of 27 December 1994, as amended up to 1 January 2000.
     Matrimonial and Family Code of 26 December 2011
     Law on Citizenship of 20 December 1991.
     Law No. 176-V of 7 March 2014 on Bankruptcy and Rehabilitation.
     Law No. 469-IV of 21 July 2011 on Special Economic Zones In the Republic of Kazakhstan.

01.04) Criminal and penal law
     Law No. No. 226-V of 3 July 2014 Penal Code.

01.05) Human rights
     Law No. 489-IV of 11 October 2011 on Religious Activities and Religious Organizations.

02) Freedom of association, collective bargaining and industrial relations
     Law No. 211-V ZRK of 27 June 2014 on Trade Unions.
     Law of 4 July 1992 on Collective Agreements.
     Law No. 360 of 27 June 1991 on public associations.
     Law of 31 May 1996 on Public Associations.
     Law No. 142-II 3KP of 16 January 2001 on Non-profit Organizations.

04) Elimination of child labour, protection of children and young persons
     Law No. 345-II of 8 August 2002 on the Rights of the Child in the Republic of Kazakhstan.

05) Equality of opportunity and treatment
     Law No. 223-IV of 8 December 2009 on State guarantees for equal rights and opportunities for women and men.

06) Tripartite consultations
     Law No. 129-II of 18 December 2000 on social partnership.

07.02) Labour statistics
     Law No. 257-IV of 19 March 2010 on State Statistics

08) Employment policy, promotion of employment and employment services
     Law No. 149 of 23 January 2001 on Employment of the Population.

14) Occupational safety and health
     Law No. 528 of 28 February 2004 on occupational safety and health.

15) Social security (general standards)
     Law No. 405-II of 25 April 2003 on Compulsory Social Insurance.

15.02) Old-age, invalidity and survivors benefit
     Law No. 365-1 of 5 April 1999 on special State benefit.
     Law No. 126 of 16 June 1997 on State social benefits for disability, in case of loss of bread-winner and for old age (as amended up to 16 November 1999).
     Law No.105-V ZRK of 21 June 2013 on Pensions in the Republic of Kazakhstan (text as amended to 10 June 2014).

17) Migrant workers
     Law No. 477-IV of 22 July 2011 on Migration.

18) Seafarers
     Law of the Republic of Kazakhstan dated January 17, 2002 No. 284-II on Merchant Shipping.

22.10) Public and civil servants
     Law No. 561-IV of 16 February 2012 on Military Service and Status of the Military.
     Law No. 453-I of 23 July 1999 on Public Service.
     Decree of 26 December 1995 on Public Service.

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Last updated: Monday - 29th November 2021