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International Labor Migration Initiative

  • Responsible Organisations: Business for Social Responsibility (BSR) (Civil society)
  • ILO Regions: Africa; Americas; Arab States; Asia and the Pacific; Europe and Central Asia; Global
  • Country(ies): Global coverage
  • Thematic areas: Fair recruitment; Protection
  • MLFLM: 13.; 8.; 9.(a),(b),(c); 11.


In 2008, the global non-profit organisation Business for Social Responsibility (BSR) launched an initiative to protect the rights of migrant workers moving between developing countries. The initiative sought to connect multinational companies and suppliers with civil society, international organisations, labour unions, and governments to build transparency around the global migration system and advance responsible business practices. As part of the initiative, BSR published 'International Labor Migration: A Responsible Role for Business', which provides companies with information on South-South labour migration, problems encountered by migrant workers in global supply chains, case-studies of best practices, sources for more information on labour standards and labour migration issues, and suggestions and recommendations for how to improve the protection of migrants and bolster supplier compliance. In 2009, a Migration Focus Group was set up in order to bring together companies to discuss the issues affecting migrant workers in supply chains at the local, regional, and global levels. In 2010, the group contributed to the publication of a good practice guide for international companies, employers and contractors covering all key international labour migration areas. In 2011, BSR provided additional guidance on the migrant worker recruitment value chain in Indonesia by publishing 'Step Up: Improving Recruitment of Migrant Workers in Indonesia'. Finally, in 2012, continuing the theme of providing practical advice to business, BSR produced a report entitled 'Migrant Workers and the FIFA World Cup 2022 in Qatar: Actions for Business' and one focused on health, 'Migration and Health: Actions for Business'.


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