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Labour Intermediation Project - Peace Mission (Missão Paz)


Work mediation happens with the merger of two movements. On the one hand, the immigrants or refugees seeking work complete a form (in Portuguese, French, English or Spanish) highlighting their profession and work experience. At the same time they are referred to an intercultural lecture, in which they are introduced to some fundamental elements of Brazilian culture, their rights in the Brazilian labour market, and their protection mechanisms in cases of exploitation or violations.
On the other hand, the employers, after completing a form with the company’s data and available positions, attend a lecture. This is a key moment to explain that immigrants and refugees have the same rights as Brazilian workers – it is a moment of sensitization, information that is also conducive to answering questions. The hiring in and around the church of immigrants and refugees that have not attended the lecture is prohibited. The staff is on hand to translate interviews and clarify doubts during labour mediations after participation in the lecture.
After the lecture, in the afternoon, the companies that are considered fit announce the available job vacancies in the Peace Mission auditorium. Volunteer translators explain the job description, the location of the company, the salary and benefits to immigrants. Then, the companies receive the immigrants interested in their vacancies and sign an ethical commitment agreement pledging to respect all national labour laws.
Some team members visit the companies to conduct a follow-up on the integration of the immigrant or refugee in the workplace. The list of companies hiring immigrant workers is sent periodically to the Ministry of Labour, for labour inspection purposes.

Implementation Period

Since 2012

Context of the intervention

The Mediation Programme was developed in 2011 due to the considerable increase in immigration from Latin American countries, Africa and Haiti to Brazil. The programme consisted of a multidisciplinary team of mediators prepared to facilitate solutions to problems in different areas such as work, health, education, assistance to women and community life.

Results/Impacts achieved

Labour intermediation helped 452 migrants and refugees to find work in 2012; 1,203 in 2013; 2,739 in 2014; and 1,488 in 2015. In four years of existence, the labour intermediation project has helped 5,882 immigrants and refugees find jobs. Professional qualification is also available to beneficiaries. In 2015, 1,987 persons were referred to various kinds of training courses.

Innovation or Creativity

Multidimensional and interdisciplinary action, intercultural perspective and requirement for previous preparation, whether of employers or of immigrants and refugees.

References for Contact

Peace Mission (Missão Paz)
Rua Glicério, 225
Liberdade - São Paulo/SP
Phone: (11) 3340-6950

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