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Hire Immigrants


Hire Immigrants profiles 'what works' in immigrant employment worldwide. A program of the Global Diversity Exchange at Ryerson University in Canada, Hire Immigrants is a global resource for employers, immigrant entrepreneurs and policy makers. It provides businesses worldwide with the tools and resources they need to source, select, develop and welcome immigrants as creative contributors to their workforce. It provides immigrants who are starting out as entrepreneurs the resources to start, grow, manage and plan for the future of their business. It provides policy makers, researchers, and community activists with analysis and leading thinking from various jurisdictions on what works in practice, policy and law to support immigrants to realise their employment and business ambitions. Hire Immigrants is developing a global network of employers who champion the value of immigrant skills and immigration to their business.

By profiling good (replicable) practices, analysing policy across jurisdictions, and tracking and analysing labour market trends and ideas, Hire Immigrants is a global hub for useful practice, policies, research, debate and ideas on leveraging immigrant skills and immigration for businesses and the economy. For more information and success stories, visit: or contact Dana Wagner, Senior Research Associate, at

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