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Botkyrka, Sweden: The Dilemma Workshop

  • Responsible Organisations: Botkyrka Municipal Authority (Government)
  • ILO Regions: Europe and Central Asia
  • Country(ies): Sweden
  • Thematic areas: Social integration and inclusion
  • MLFLM: 14.


Botkyrka is Sweden's most ethnically diverse municipality, with the highest percentages of first and second-generation immigrants in the country. More than 50% of Botkyrka's population has roots outside of Sweden. In one neighbourhood, 90% of inhabitants come from a migrant background. This level of diversity can create intercultural misunderstandings and conflict when accessing and providing city services. Disparities became a matter of concern to Botkyrka's civic leadership when they learned that many residents with a migrant background did not identify with Botkyrka as 'home' but as a 'place of transit'. Strategically overcoming this divide was essential to creating a successful city future. Botkyrka's Intercultural Strategy incorporates a non-discriminatory and intercultural approach as a core competency for district managers and employees. The district offers 'Intercultural Dilemma Workshops' where participants analyse situations of intercultural conflict and learn how to overcome them. The aim is to break down stereotypes and accept differences within the workplace while developing intercultural 'intelligence'. The Dilemma Workshops have proven to be one of the key tools to incorporate interculturalism within the district government. From individual employees and section heads to the wider organisation and public, the workshops create a continuous support structure focused on systemic change.

This practice was kindly contributed by Cities of Migration, a program of the Global Diversity Exchange, Ryerson University (Toronto, Canada). See more at the Cities of Migration website:


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