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Circular migration programmes and implementation of a labour migration framework in Mauritius

  • Responsible Organisations: International Organization for Migration (IOM) (International Organisation); Government of Mauritius (Government)
  • ILO Regions: Africa; Americas; Europe and Central Asia
  • Country(ies): Canada; Italy; Mauritius
  • Thematic areas: Policy coherence; Protection
  • MLFLM: 1.(a),(b); 2.; 4.; 5.; 7.; 12.; 15.; 8.; 9.(a),(b),(c); 11.


Since 2008, the Mauritian Government has embarked on several circular migration programmes, namely with Canada and Italy, in order to widen the scope of opportunities for its nationals. Mauritians can take employment abroad for a specific period, as well as learn new skills and save part of their income, before returning to the country. "We want to maximise the development potential of migrants returning home after a limited stay abroad, bringing with them new skills, savings and ideas. We also want to encourage remittance flows which will improve long-term benefits to migrants' families and enhance their development...we also want to facilitate the Mauritian diasporas' return home so they too can assist in the development of the country..." (2010 interview with Ali Mansoor, then Mauritius Financial Secretary). Since March 2008, IOM in collaboration with the Government of Mauritius has implemented seven labour migration projects and ensured that a labour migration framework is put in place in order to facilitate the process and ensure adequate protection of Mauritian nationals abroad. The main tasks have consisted in providing assistance for recruitment, health assessments, pre-consular facilitation and pre-departure orientation training including basic IT and financial literacy and other technical complementary trainings. Over 450 Mauritians have benefited from the programme since 2008.


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