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Operational Manual for Sri Lankan Diplomatic Missions in Destination Countries

  • Responsible Organisations: International Labour Organization (ILO) (International Organisation)
  • ILO Regions: Asia and the Pacific
  • Country(ies): Sri Lanka
  • Thematic areas: Protection
  • MLFLM: 8.; 9.(a),(b),(c); 11.


As part of the SDC-funded project on 'Promoting decent work through good governance, protection and empowerment of migrant workers: Ensuring the effective implementation of the Sri Lanka National Labour Migration Policy', the ILO worked to provide a standard operating procedure for grievance handling processes for migrant workers. Through a consultative process involving government stakeholders, an 'Operational Manual for Labour Sections of Sri Lankan Diplomatic Missions in Destination Countries' was developed and launched in 2013. The manual is now used as a standard guide in diplomatic missions but also by the officers of the relevant divisions in the Sri Lanka Bureau of Foreign Employment (SLBFE). The manual consists of 21 sample forms in English, Sinhala and Tamil for use by officers as well as the migrant workers seeking redress. Sensitisation sessions were conducted among the relevant officers of the SLBFE and the current labour welfare officers stationed in 12 labour destination countries. The sessions provided an opportunity for cross-learning and collaboration among officers in origin and destination countries but most importantly endorsed the decision of using a single reference guide for all grievance-handling processes in the future.


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