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Standardised pre-departure training guides for under-skilled migrant workers


As part of the SDC-funded ILO project on 'Promoting decent work through good governance, protection and empowerment of migrant workers: Ensuring the effective implementation of the Sri Lanka National Labour Migration Policy', 39 standardised pre-departure training guides were produced, to provide migrant workers from Sri Lanka - especially domestic workers - with job-specific skills and knowledge and greater awareness of their rights, entitlements, and responsibilities. The guides, which were launched on International Migrants' Day (18th December) in 2013, also help ensure that standardised and consistent training is provided throughout the Government's 27 pre-departure training centres. The guides provide information on specific job-related skills (domestic housekeeping, elderly and child care, care for persons with disabilities, pet care and common competencies) as well as languages (Greek, Hebrew, Hindi, Cantonese, Mandarin, English). They are published in English with corresponding Sinhala and Tamil translations for trainers and trainees.


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