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Centres for migrants in Senegal and Mauritania


Mauritania, as both a country of destination for migrant workers and a transit country for those heading to Europe, plays host to a diverse migrant community that exists in a state of flux. With the support of the International Trade Union Confederation (ITUC), the General Confederation of Mauritanian Workers (CGTM) and the National Confederation of Senegalese Workers (CNTS) have coordinated information sessions for prospective Senegalese migrants seeking employment in Mauritania or Europe and have established a welcome, information and guidance centre in Nouakchott to provide assistance to Senegalese migrants in Mauritania. The Centre, which collaborates closely with migrant associations, provides job market information and a dispute resolution office. Its awareness-raising efforts target certain areas of activity in particular, such as the transport and construction sectors, which employ significant numbers of immigrant workers. Two local centres have also been set up, one in Nouadhibou, a port city in northern Mauritania, where many irregular migrants leave the country, and the other in Dakar, Senegal.

In order to provide specialised assistance to domestic workers, most of whom are migrant women, a call centre has also been established in Dakar at the office of the CNTS. The call centre receives complaints from domestic workers and facilitates employment-related issues. It also serves as a meeting space for domestic workers.


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