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Migrant Community Center (MCC) in Beirut, Lebanon


The Migrant Community Center (MCC) was established by the Anti-Racism Movement (ARM) in Beirut in 2011. The MCC is a free and safe space where migrant workers can meet, learn skills, work together and access information and support. The goal of the MCC is to improve the quality of life of migrant workers (and especially domestic workers) in Beirut, by engaging, supporting, and cooperating with migrant communities. Since its establishment, the Center has been providing free language and ICT classes, workshops, information sessions, access to resources and facilities, and has been organising events, campaigns, and other efforts aimed at strengthening migrant communities, raising awareness and changing social norms surrounding migrant workers. The focus of the Center's efforts is now increasingly turning towards building migrant workers' capacity to self-advocate.

Since the establishment of a membership system one year ago, MCC Beirut has registered over 150 members (in addition to 100 non-member users per week) representing 17 nationalities, and currently has 190 students enrolled in the 13 different weekly classes/sections. There are at least ten MCC-organised activities, events, and meetings per week, an increasing number of migrant worker-initiated events or activities, as well as cultural exchange events, support groups and awareness sessions, each occurring at least once per month. In the next two years, ARM plans on opening two additional MCCs outside Beirut.


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