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Immigrant Council of Ireland (ICI)


The Immigrant Council of Ireland (ICI), established in 2001, is an independent human rights organisation that advocates for the rights of migrants and their families and acts as a catalyst for public debate as well as legislative and policy change in Ireland. The ICI's unique position as an Independent Law Centre allows it to use its expertise in the area of Irish immigration law to offer high quality legal advice and representation to migrants who have experienced human rights abuses. The Centre also provides a Racist Incidents Support and Referral Service, which provides support, information and appropriate referrals to people who have experienced or witnessed racist incidents. Finally, the ICI's Information and Referral Telephone Service provides detailed confidential information about the Irish immigration system, dealing with more than 10,000 enquiries each year. Through its dual legal and advocacy approach, the ICI has ensured real change including: the withdrawal of an ad hoc policy regarding international students, the recognition of de facto couples for the purpose of family reunification, protections for migrant victims of domestic violence and the introduction of Ireland's first citizenship ceremonies.


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