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CIS 92-362 Ordinance on Health Standards in the Office [Japan]
English translation of the Ordinance of 30 Sep. 1972 (for the original see CIS 75-856), as amended until 1980. Contents: environmental control of offices (air volume, ventilation, temperature, air conditioning, measurement methods, lighting, noise and vibration); cleanliness (water supply, toilet and washing facilities); miscellaneous (rest facilities, first aid appliances, notification of office layout modifications).
In: Industrial Safety and Health Law and related legislation in Japan, Japan Industrial Safety and Health Association, 5-35-1, Shiba, Minato-ku, Tokyo, 108 Japan, 1991, p.740-748.

CIS 75-856
Industrial Safety and Health Division, Ministry of Labour, Tokyo.
Ordinance No.43 of 1972 concerning standards of hygiene in offices.
This ordinance under the Japanese Industrial Safety and Health Act 1972 lays down regulations concerning safety and health in offices. Its provisions cover: work environment (office landscaping, size of offices, volume of air, ventilation, temperature, air conditioning, lighting, noise, vibration, etc.); drinking water, office cleaning, sanitary facilities (cloakrooms, toilets, washbasins); rest rooms; first aid equipment.
Collection of regulations and ordinances concerning occupational health, Japanese Industrial Safety Association, 35-1, 5-Chome, Shiba, Minato-ku, Tokyo, Japan, Dec. 1972, p.428-436.