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CIS 87-1175
Magyar Szabványügyi Hivatal
Radiation protection in workplaces with medical and veterinary X-ray equipment [Hungary]
Sugárzás elleni védelem orvosi és állatorvosi röntgen munkahelyeken [en húngaro]
This standard (effective: 1 July 1981) prescribes radiation protection measures to be adopted in medical, dental and veterinary work environments where X-ray equipment operating below voltages of 300kV is used. Contents: definitions and units; the purpose of radiation protection; maximum doses permitted to various body organs; materials used in radiation protection (principally, lead); thickness of lead shielding needed to reduce radiation to safe levels; layout and dimensions of workplaces with X-ray equipment; inspection and measurement.
Szabványbolt, Budapest, Pf. 162. 1431, Hungary, 1980. 19p. Illus. 11 ref. Price: For.38.00.