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CIS 72-2307 Decree No.1 of 18 May 1971 of the Federal Ministry of Metallurgy and Mechanical Engineering concerning occupational safety and health organisation in fields within its scope
Výnos federálního ministerstva hutnictví a strojírenství č. 1/1971 ze dne 18.5.1971 k zajíštění péče o bezpečnost a hygienu práce v resortu [en checo]
This decree (effective 1 July 1971) lays down provisions concerning management responsibility and duties, safety and health organisation, related procedures, safety training of workers, and worker-selection rules. Appendices contain: main tasks in worker protection; principles for safety committees of the Ministry of Metallurgy and Mechanical Engineering, and technical and other specialist bodies (toxicologists, dust and noise control specialists, physiologists, lighting engineers, etc.); occupational accident reporting regulations.
Zpravodaj federálního ministerstva hutnictví a strojírenství, 1971, No.4, 7p.